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Day Surgery Process From Bayhealth

Bayhealth's Day Surgery departments, formerly known as Ambulatory Surgery, located at the Kent General and Milford campuses, provide patients of all ages with quality care without the inconvenience and expense of an overnight stay.

Some procedures performed in Day Surgery include laparoscopic surgery; plastic surgery; surgery for the ears, nose, and throat; orthopedic and arthrosopic surgery; gynecological and genito-urinary surgery; carpal tunnel surgery; cataract extractions with lens implants; and minor vascular surgery. Additionally, diagnostic and prophylactic procedures can be performed including liver biopsies, blood transfusions, bone marrow biopsies, endoscopic and pain management procedures.

Our committed medical and nursing staffs ensure that these services are provided with the same high quality degree of safety as inpatient procedures, while at the same time allowing our patients to return home to recover with their families.

Below is a guideline to help in your preparation for your ambulatory procedure:

The Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) department at both the Kent and Milford campuses provides a needed benefit and convenient service to our patients by giving them the opportunity to speak with a nurse prior to their procedure. The nurse will take down pertinent health information during the patient interview, provide clarification of any questions the patient and their family may have regarding their impending procedure, and is a valued liaison for the patient with the Anesthesia department and the surgeon's office. Additionally, some patients may also have their lab and diagnostic studies completed during the PAT visit.

Before Surgery:
You may call the Day Surgery department between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the day before your surgery (or on Friday if your surgery is scheduled for Monday). You will be given the time you should plan to arrive on your day of surgery.

Milford Campus:
Day Surgery: (302) 430-5710

Kent Campus:
Day Surgery: (302) 744-7100

  • On the scheduled day and time of your surgery, report directly to the Outpatient Services area. There, you will be directed to the designated waiting areas where your family and friends can wait in a special area while you're having surgery.
  • The night before or the morning of your surgery, take a tub bath or shower using hot, soapy water. Pay particular attention to cleansing the operative site.
  • Do not chew gum.
  • Do not eat or drink anything, including water and ice, after midnight the evening before surgery. Some physicians may allow you to drink clear liquids only up to 6 (six) hours before arriving to the hospital - however, do not do so unless you receive this special permission.