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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clinical integration?

"Clinical integration" is the coordination of care across a range of services. These services include preventative, outpatient, inpatient acute hospital care, post-acute care, rehabilitation, home health services, and palliative care. The goal is to improve the value of the care provided.

What is the Bayhealth Physician Alliance?

Bayhealth and private-practice physician leaders have come together and formed a clinically-integrated network known as Bayhealth Physician Alliance. Currently, there are more than 270 providers representing 60-plus practices throughout central and southern Delaware participating in the alliance.

Bayhealth Physician Alliance is physician-led and is financially and administratively supported by Bayhealth. Member physicians determined the alliance’s organizational structure and the evidence-based clinical quality initiatives that will improve quality, enhance the patient experience, and reduce overall costs.

How is a clinically integrated network structured?

In a clinically integrated network, primary care physicians, specialty physicians, hospitals, and other providers including pharmacists, social workers, post-acute care providers, and other clinicians work together to develop policies and procedures to improve care delivery - the same is true of Bayhealth Physician Alliance. Tools are introduced that track providers’ clinical performance and outcomes. Care plans are reviewed and compared to care path guidelines to identify opportunities for improvement.

What type of data will be gathered and how will it be used among Bayhealth Physician Alliance providers?

Each physician practice houses its data in a secure electronic health record (EHR). Information that is stored in the EHR is sent to a secure clinical data repository within the business intelligence software, called IMAT Solutions. Only the data pertinent to the patient’s care can be viewed by physician practices. HIPAA guidelines apply to this exchange of information.

How will my private practices benefit from becoming a member of Bayhealth Physician Alliance?

As health care reform unfolds nationwide, and across Delaware, we know that physicians who participate actively in clinically integrated networks such as Bayhealth Physician Alliance are much better positioned to survive and thrive as healthcare evolves from volume-based to a value-based payment structure.

How do I learn more about becoming a member of Bayhealth Physician Alliance?

For more information or to become a member of Bayhealth Physician Alliance, please contact Michele Postles, project management coordinator, at 302-744-6808 or at michele_postles@bayhealth.org.