Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatrics)

Lap-Band® or Gastric Banding

The LAP-BAND® System is an adjustable gastric band placed around the stomach and filled with saline, reducing food intake by forming a small gastric pouch and stoma. The band is placed using a laparoscopic procedure, designed to minimize the potential for complications. The procedure is minimally invasive with no stapling of tissue. The LAP-BAND® procedure is typically an outpatient procedure.

Roux En Y Gastric Bypass

In a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, only a small part of the stomach is used to create a new stomach pouch, roughly the size of an egg. The smaller stomach is connected directly to the middle portion of the small intestine (jejunum), bypassing the rest of the stomach and the upper portion of the small intestine (duodenum). This reduces the amount of food you can eat at one time. Bypassing part of the intestine reduces how much food and nutrients are absorbed and this leads to weight loss.

Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy

In the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy the stomach is divided along its vertical length in order to create a slender pouch, about the size and shape of a banana. The excess stomach is removed. The purpose is to limit the amount of food ingested at any give time (restrictive operation), without altering the normal absorption of the vitamins and minerals.

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