Construction of Bayhealth’s new health campus

Health campus project keeps business local

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 |
As construction of Bayhealth’s new health campus project approaches the one-year mark, the economic impact of the $300 million reinvestment in the community is noticeable in southern Delaware.

On any given day more than 100 contractors and subcontractors are busy working on the health campus project in Milford. There’s excitement in the air as this is one of the largest construction projects to ever take place in Sussex County.

Before the health campus project started, the Bayhealth leadership team set specific goals, including a desire to obtain 50 percent of the labor and materials for the project in Delaware.

“It’s one of the project goals that Delaware-based companies will be responsible for more than half of the work on the new health campus project. We’re proud to support businesses owned and operated by our community members,” said Vice President of Operations and Bayhealth Milford Memorial Administrator Michael Ashton.

As of right now, more than 51 percent of the contractors and subcontractors on site are Delaware residents, and 66 percent of the material for the project will be purchased through Delaware vendors.

An estimated 15,395 cubic yards of concrete will be used to complete the new hospital and outpatient center. Shuster Concrete is providing some of the heavy equipment, such as the large crane you can see on the health campus project site from Route One. However, Atlantic Concrete, owned and operated in Milford, Delaware, is supplying the material — it’s enough concrete to fill 1,540 concrete trucks.

“The wintertime is typically a slower time in the concrete business, but the health campus project is going to keep us going throughout the colder months. Instead of slowing operations down, we are happy to continue to provide supplies for the project,” said Atlantic Concrete General Manager Jonathan Jones.

While the health campus project itself will help to support the economy, there is also a ripple effect felt from the increased activity in the southeast area of Milford. Research from the firm Tripp Umbach and the American Hospital Association shows the health campus project will support an estimated 1,850 jobs during the construction period. This includes workers directly employed in the construction project, jobs supported by the purchase of building supplies and equipment, and the local spending of the construction workers themselves.

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