Jehan Riar, MD and Bryan P. Villar, MD

Driving physicians to Delaware

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 |
With the new highly anticipated Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus opening off Route 1 in Milford in 2019, Bayhealth Senior Physician Recruiter Mark Douyard is driven to bring top physician talent to join the organization in the southern region. Efforts to recruit physicians take many forms — jobs are posted on various physician-specific job boards, and openings are posted on the Bayhealth website and advertised in specialty-specific publications and websites. “In 2016, we presented at eight career fairs that specifically target graduating residents and fellows and attended five national specialty specific conferences,” Douyard said.

Bayhealth Medical Group Administrator Ernest Lemoi said they are actively recruiting for physicians specializing in family medicine, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, cardiology, gynecology, and general surgery.

When presenting at a career fair, Douyard said the biggest challenge is educating people about Delaware, especially those who have never been to the state.

While informing potential physicians about the wonderful advantages of living in Delaware is important in the recruitment process, Douyard said it does not mean they will take any physician hoping to move to the state. “We are very selective in this process — we only want the best,” he said. “We carefully screen doctors. Quality is important and we don’t take a doctor just because they want to move to southern Delaware.”

Lemoi said the recruiters do a great job finding the best physicians that are a good fit for Bayhealth and the communities that we serve. “This is a mutually beneficial arrangement. We want physicians to be able to meet their personal and professional goals in Delaware, but they also need to be someone who will give the highest-quality care to our patients,” he said. “We want the best physicians and we want them for the long term.”

Once a recruiter identifies a physician as being the right fit for Bayhealth and the community, Lemoi said interviews are scheduled with physicians, administration leaders, and peers before an offer is made.

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