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Paving the way for exciting new information technology

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 |

Nearly three years ago, Bayhealth’s Information Technology Infrastructure leadership began working with CannonDesign to design the data center and structured cabling and network infrastructure components for the new Bayhealth Sussex Campus. In February 2018, these elements began to take shape when a team of Bayhealth network engineers started configuring and building the infrastructure for the new Bayhealth Hospital and Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus. Most of the preliminary work was completed inside a secured space at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus, and later everything was moved and installed in the new facility. This was an important step, as it allowed staff to test the equipment before it was installed. 

“The pre-configuration work also set the stage for a smoother, plug-and-play type installation, with only minor adjustments needed once it was put into the Sussex Campus data center,” explained Bayhealth Director of Infrastructure Support Jim Welsh. 

Catalyst for other businesses in Southern Delaware 

The Bayhealth IT team worked with a leading fiber vendor to have 14 miles of fiber optic cable built between Harrington and Milford. The new fiber optic cable not only guarantees patients receive the best care and service possible, but it also allows for other businesses in the northern part of Sussex County and southern Kent County to tap into broadband and fiber capabilities. 

“Over the years, the state of Delaware has placed a high priority on high-speed connections and broadband capability across the state, so this just links into the broader state initiative,” said Bayhealth Vice President and Chief Information Officer Richard Mohnk. 

The new fiber optic cable also established a second path of highly reliable network connectivity between the Bayhealth Kent Campus and the Bayhealth Sussex Campus, meaning if one data network fails, there is a backup in place. 

Highly reliable systems 

In addition to the highly reliable data network that was created via the new fiber path between the two Bayhealth campuses, backup equipment and systems were purchased and installed. Therefore, if one piece of equipment or system fails, there’s another one that can take over. This helps ensure the facility stays up and running at all times, which is essential for staff to provide top-quality patient care around the clock.

Cutting-edge Internet-based equipment and systems 

Internet-based, wireless technology was expanded beyond computers and other equipment and systems that are typically hooked into the IT network. New Internet-based components on the Bayhealth Sussex Campus include everything from refrigerators to security cameras to medical equipment. This further demonstrates the organization’s commitment to investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology that will increase efficiency among the staff and enhance patient care and experience. 

Peak performance and security 

In order for all of the equipment and systems to operate at peak levels, networks were designed to separate specific types of traffic. For example, security cameras won’t impact medical equipment, and if one fails, it won’t affect another. This separation also limits potential security issues and increases patient safety. PRIVATE 

Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

Bayhealth will have its own Distributed Antenna System (DAS) for the first time ever when the Bayhealth Sussex Campus opens. The DAS guarantees adequate multi-carrier cellular service is available throughout the campus. It also supports paging and the two-way radios used by Bayhealth’s Public Safety, Plant Operations, and Materials Management departments, as well as Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The Bayhealth Sussex Campus will be a secondary data center for the organization as a whole. This provides opportunity for growth and additional system and application disaster recovery options. 

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