Certified Nurse Assistant Kirstin Phillips

Nursing Assistant Kirstin Phillips Receives Peer Award

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 |
Every small act makes a difference, which is why Bayhealth Certified Nurse Assistant Kirstin Phillips chose to work in the healthcare field. Her willingness to help anyone and complete any task is why Phillips is the latest team member at Bayhealth to receive the CPR Award.

The CPR (Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect) Award was started in 2010 to recognize nurses and certified nursing assistants on 2 North at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus for going above and beyond. 2 North is a 16-bed all private room unit that takes care of patients at the intermediate care level and is a step down unit to the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

Phillips has been a CNA for three years, half of which has been at Bayhealth. She feels honored to receive the award, which honors core values Phillips lives by. “Courtesy, professionalism and respect are what I want to be known for when delivering care to my patients,” said Phillips, who is in nursing school.

Nominated by team members on 2 North, Phillips is seen as a hard worker who is gentle and respectful toward patients. Her nominator wrote that Phillips’ great attitude is always reflected in the work she does. Moreover, she demonstrates positivity toward her patients, coworkers and work. “She consistently takes the initiative in helping coworkers and patients as well,” the nominator wrote. “Overall, Kirstin is a joy to work with and will make an amazing nurse.”

As a CNA, Phillips likes helping other people and making a difference in their lives, noting the difference may be small, but you never know the impact you make on another individual. Along with helping patients, Phillips loves the team she works with each night. “I learn so much from them every night. I know I can always count on them if I need something. With me being in nursing school, they’re always so willing to teach and answer any questions I have.”

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