Lindsay Rhodenbaugh with Bayhealth cardiac team members

Cardiovascular Patient Room Dedicated by Grateful Patient

Friday, May 25, 2018 | Heart & Vascular
Every day, Lindsay Rhodenbaugh sees the dedication and compassion Bayhealth team members show toward their patients. But recently Rhodenbaugh, president of the Bayhealth Foundation and a senior vice president at Bayhealth, got a much more intimate look at the services Bayhealth provides to its cardiac patients.

On a normal Friday in October, Rhodenbaugh left his office with a feeling of heaviness in his chest. Having already sustained a heart attack a few years before, he knew something was wrong and immediately went to Bayhealth Emergency and Trauma Services, Kent Campus. To his surprise, he was admitted and underwent triple bypass open heart surgery. The surgery was successful in clearing blockages that could’ve been fatal. After surgery, Rhodenbaugh recovered in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVSICU) at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus and continues to benefit from the services provided at Cardiopulmonary Rehab. Now, he’s back on his feet.

In appreciation of the care he received, Rhodenbaugh and his wife, Tami, had a plaque placed outside of the CVSICU room where he recovered. A reception was recently held at Bayhealth to commemorate the placement of the plaque. During the event, the Rhodenbaughs expressed their appreciation of not only the cardiac team but Emergency Department staff as well as the numerous physicians who played a role in saving his life. “No amount of monetary donation can ever express how grateful we are for the outstanding caregivers, but it’s a start,” Rhodenbaugh said.

Bayhealth offers a wide range of cardiovascular services across the continuum of care. Whether patients come through Emergency and Trauma Services with a heart attack, need a cardiologist for help with heart health, go to cardiopulmonary rehab, or spend time in the CVSICU after surgery, they will do so with a team of skilled, experienced heart and vascular experts driven to provide top tier care to the Bayhealth community.

CVSICU Clinical Coordinator Paul Pahren says the team doesn’t feel like they did anything special in their care for Rhodenbaugh, but it’s an honor to be recognized. “We’re driven to be kind and caring with our patients. We hope every patient has the same experience here,” Pahren said.

The plaque and reception came at the completion of the couple’s multi-year pledge to Bayhealth. They donate regularly through payroll deduction to the Bayhealth Foundation. “My life was literally saved by the caregivers here. I’m blessed to work here, blessed to have been healed here and blessed to live in a community with such a great hospital system,” Rhodenbaugh said.

Call the Bayhealth Foundation at 302-744-7015 or visit to learn how you can make a difference by making a donation.