Three Nurse Practitioners at Bayhealth’s Cancer Centers

Teaming up to treat cancer

Thursday, November 1, 2018 | Cancer Care
There’s no denying how scary a cancer diagnosis can be. Undergoing treatment can be challenging for both patients and their family members or support network. That’s where the three nurse practitioners at Bayhealth’s Cancer Centers play a pivotal role. They work together to help patients going through chemotherapy, radiation, or a hospital stay manage their symptoms and find their best quality of life. The nurse practitioners are part of a bigger team at the Bayhealth Cancer Centers, which includes medical and radiation oncologists, nurses, radiation therapists, and nurse navigators all working to help patients going through diagnosis, treatment, and beyond.

Cyndi Martin, APRN-BC, ANP-C, MSN, AOCNP, works with patients who need to stay in the hospital. “I always tell patients I’m their best friend while they are here,” said Martin. “I’m their fairy godmother; I even carry a wand with me. We are always here for the patients. Sometimes it’s a shoulder to cry on, sometimes we’re their cheerleader.”

Sandi Voss, FNP-C, AOCNP, works with patients undergoing chemotherapy and patients who require a hospital stay. “The challenge of cancer care is getting patients through the process,” said Voss. “We always consider the human impact. We are always looking for the best way to maintain optimal health while patients are going through active treatment. It’s more than just symptoms — we treat the whole person.”

Eileen Fusco, ANP, APRN-BC, AOCNP, works with patients undergoing radiation. The typical regimen for radiation is daily, so she builds a special bond with patients. “I do get to know the patients quite well because of their treatment schedule,” said Fusco. “We set the tone for the patient experience. I always want the patients to know that we are here for them, if they ever have any questions or concerns.”

The nurse practitioners also educate the community on the importance of screenings and annual visits to ensure early detection and diagnosis of cancer, which leads to better outcomes. “The more educated our community is, the better we all are,” said Voss. “We do screenings and other education in the community to ensure people know what resources are available to them. We want to extend our reach as far as we can to help our community.”

“Our job is to make sure patients have everything they need for their journey,” said Fusco. “Our patients trust us, and they know we are a true team. Every interaction we have with patients is enjoyable because of the relationship and respect we build together. It’s very special.”

The nurse practitioners all note how cancer care has changed and improved through the years. “Cancer care has come a long way. We have good outcomes,” said Martin. “The philosophy at the Bayhealth Cancer Centers is the patients come first. We are there to cheer with the patients when they are doing well. And we hold their hands when they aren’t. We have the best job on the planet.”

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