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Specialty Clinics at Sussex Campus

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 |
Four Bayhealth Medical Group practices opened up in February at their new location in Bayhealth Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus. Colon and Rectal Surgery, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, and Orthopaedics relocated from their respective Milford offices and now comprise the Specialty Clinics on the center’s second floor.

Practice Manager Gina Skipper and Supervisor Katrina Wilkerson were on the team that began discussions about the clinics more than three years ago and say they’re proud to see the plans come to fruition. “It’s been a learning experience but it’s been fun,” said Skipper. “One of the best parts has been the relationships built across the system.” Designed with the same emphasis on person-centered care and accessibility integral to the entire Bayhealth Sussex Campus project, the clinics have dedicated space and exam rooms for each specialty, but are multifunctional so any Medical Group specialty could use space, if the need arises.

Convenience and collaboration are two key aspects evident in the set-up and operations. A central check-in station allows any front desk staff member to register a patient, regardless of who they’re seeing. Dedicated phone operators handle calls from all practice lines in a separate area; therefore, there’s no front desk phone ringing and streamlined service. Each exam room has a similar layout, aiding in reliability and efficiency. Clinical staff will eventually be cross-trained in all four specialties for coverage. The design is conducive to collaboration between doctors, which helps when cases overlap specialties.

Being connected to the hospital offers advantages for patients and doctors. “After an appointment, patients can go straight downstairs to get lab work done or medicine filled,” said Wilkerson. She added that it’s convenient for doctors for patient rounding, taking calls and performing surgery at the hospital, and expedites care in trauma situations.

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