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The Junior Board of Kent General Hospital Makes Generous Donations

Friday, April 26, 2019 | Bayhealth Foundation

The Junior Board of Kent General Hospital recently made several donations to Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus. They include desks for the Centralized Telemetry Unit, KinderVans for the Child Care Center, car seats for Emergency and Trauma Services (ED) and Women’s and Children’s Services (WCS) patients, and teddy bears for those who experience perinatal or infant loss.

According to Junior Board President Lisa Grossman, the donations were purchased through nearly $15,000 raised during 2018 Junior Board events such as lobby sales (e.g., jewelry, leather and luggage, and electronics), bake sales and a quilt raffle. Items were selected based on departmental needs and staff support of the events.

All who received donations are very thankful. “On behalf of the entire Centralized Telemetry Unit, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Junior Board for their generous donation of new height adjustable desks for our newly expanded telemetry room. Our expansion was necessary to accommodate the Sussex Campus and the future growth at the Kent Campus,” said Amber Roos, monitor technician.

Child Care Center Director Brenda Kibler says the new KinderVans, which are strollers that can hold multiple children, provide benefits for kids and staff. “Each seat has a canopy for sun protection and can turn in any direction for better supervision and more child interaction. We are most grateful to the Junior Board for continuing to support our mission of providing Bayhealth’s employees quality child care,” she said.

Similarly, ED and WCS staff are grateful for the car seats they received. “Thanks to the wonderful generosity of our Junior Board, the Bayhealth ED staff will be able to provide car seats for infants and/or children involved in a vehicular crash who either had no car seat or the car seat was damaged,” said Trauma Program Manager Deborah Eberly, RN, BSN, CEN, CNML.

WCS Senior Nurse Manager Starr Lynch, BSN, RNC-OB, says her staff give the car seats to women who arrive with an expired one or can’t afford to purchase one before giving birth. “The Junior Board has been an amazing blessing to WCS. Staff can give the teddy bears to families who have a loss so parents and siblings have something to cuddle to help ease the pain of leaving with empty arms,” she said.

The Junior Board has several events planned for the remainder of 2019, including a leather and luggage sale in May, an electronics sale in July, a book sale in September, and a sports sale and a bake sale in October. To learn more about the Junior Board of Bayhealth Kent General Hospital, or to become a member, call Membership Chairperson Claire Bradley at 302-697-6616.

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