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Built to offer more to our patients

Thursday, January 24, 2019 | Bayhealth Sussex Campus

When the Bayhealth Hospital and Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus opens in early 2019, it will be with a variety of enhancements in tow. Patients can expect a larger cancer center and emergency center, individual patient rooms, and several other expanded services. Here are some ways the Bayhealth Hospital and Outpatient Center, Sussex Campus was built around you:

Robotic surgeries

The Robotic-Assisted Surgery Program at Bayhealth offers patients minimally invasive surgeries with the da Vinci surgical system. Patients who undergo a minimally invasive surgery are expected to experience a shorter hospital stay, fewer complications, a faster recovery, and minimal scarring associated with smaller incisions. “Providing robotic surgery at the Bayhealth Sussex Campus expands upon the surgical service line there. Patients will no longer have to drive to a different facility to have this done,” says Senior Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive Brenda Blain, DNP, RN-BC, FACHE, NEA-BC.

Retail Pharmacy and Gift Shop

While Milford Memorial has a retail pharmacy near the hospital in the Medical Arts Building, the new Retail Pharmacy and Gift Shop will be housed within the new hospital. The Pharmacy, which will also be the new home for some of the items featured in the previous gift shop, will fill prescriptions and offer a wide variety of over-the-counter drugs and other products. Items carried typically include glucometers, vaporizers, compression stockings, insulin products, heating pads, and braces.

Ambulatory Pharmacy Manager Madeline (Lynn) Byrne, RPh, CCP, says having the retail pharmacy in the hospital will provide convenient, easier access for patients and staff. It’ll also increase efficiency for the Meds to Beds program, which provides medications to patients when they are leaving the hospital to make their transition to home easier.

All private patient rooms

In order to enhance quality, safety and the patient experience, the new Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus will have three 24-bed Acute Care Units. Whether patients need an intermediate or medical-surgical level of care, they’ll receive it on an acuity-adaptable unit, where care can be adjusted to meet the patient’s needs. This translates into less moving around in the hospital for patients once they’re admitted. All of the patient rooms in the new Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus will also be private and include many amenities that will further boost patient comfort and safety.

The new hospital features same-sided rooms, meaning each patient room looks exactly the same. The design was developed based in part on a lot of research and user groups doing workflow mock-ups. Registered Nurse Morgan McKenzie said they went step-by-step to see what changes could be made to improve workflows. “Through doing this, we’ve found ways to cut back on time. We’re making changes that will stop us from wasting time walking up and down the unit, which means we have more time with the patients,” McKenzie said.

Expanded imaging and treatment services

The state-of-the-art technology coming to the Sussex Campus includes an 1,150-squarefoot interventional radiology and interventional cardiology suite (much larger than a standard operating room) outfitted with the latest equipment, which will facilitate improved coordination among specialties for procedures. Our Imaging department (historically known as Diagnostic Imaging or Radiology) will be equipped with advanced equipment that emits the lowest possible radiation exposure while helping to detect and diagnose medical conditions in the earliest stages.

The 3T MRI has a wider opening to provide more room and comfort for the patient and twice the strength for highest-quality images.

The Digital C-arms in the Operating Room enhance surgical imaging.

Nuclear medicine equipment with CT component can do two types of imaging at once for precise internal scans and better accuracy in diagnoses.

We’re improving your care and adding convenience by having more equipment that will prevent scheduling delays and allow for same-day or next-day appointments (barring any insurance limitations), faster check-in due to centralized scheduling and new pre-registration processes, an additional CT scanner in Emergency and Trauma Center that will decrease patient wait time, the ability to schedule mammograms through the MyChart patient portal, and new service offerings to allow patients a greater choice without the driving distance. These new services include cardiac catheterizations, peripheral vascular diagnostic and interventional procedures, electrophysiology studies, and device implants (pacemakers and defibrillators).

The many enhancements keep patient needs at the forefront by streamlining processes, expanding access and providing the latest advances for diagnosis and treatment.

Improving the supply distribution system

Another reason staff will be able to spend more time with patients is the two-bin system. Nurses will spend less time retrieving supplies and more time with the patients. With the two-bin system, supplies will be placed in two bins that are placed front to back. Nurses pick supplies from the first bin, and when it’s empty, it’s placed on the top shelf to be refilled by Warehouse staff. The second bin is then pulled forward to be used.

With this new inventory system, the bins are rotated in a way that nurses never run out of supplies and are easily alerted when a refill is necessary.

Visit to see all the ways the Bayhealth Sussex Campus was built around you.

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