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We couldn't have done it without our generous donors

Thursday, May 9, 2019 |

In October 2017, the Bayhealth Foundation revealed it surpassed its ambitious $15 million fundraising goal as the Campaign for Bayhealth — Phase III, in support of the Bayhealth Sussex Campus, came to an end. In all, more than 800 individuals, families, businesses, and charitable foundations joined the fundraising effort. The campaign secured its place among the most successful fundraising campaigns ever completed in southern Delaware.

Visionaries Level  
Estate of Pearl P. Chipman
Auxiliary of MMH
Gail Garbutt
Longwood Foundation
Joe & Barbara Adkisson
Fannin family
Advocates Level  
Ed & Marge Steiner
Champions Level  
Delaware Electric Coop
Skip & Cynthia Jones family
Thomas H. Draper family
I.G. Burton & Company, Inc.
Leaders Level  
Crystal Trust
Tim & Jeannie Johnson
Highmark BCBS/Delaware
Jo Wood
Becker Morgan/Gregg Moore
Kent Diagnostic Radiology
Milford Lions Club
PNC Foundation
Silicato Wood Development
Company, LLC
Welfare Foundation
Burris family
David & Ann Burton
Bill & Connie Fisher
Hertrich family
Dr. Robert W. Kidd, IV family
Terry & Julie Ann Murphy
Holly L. Pfeifer
Bill & Okemah Strickland
Partners Level  
Battaglia Electric
Conner Strong & Bucklew
Davis & Denise Wood
Dr. Michel & Laura Samaha
Grier family
M&T Charitable Foundation
Sussex County Council
Anthony & Bonnie Perratto
Joe & Debbie Schell
Debbie & Dave Watson
Estate of Arthur Nanney
Dr. Richard & Pat Crabb
Robert & Joyce Voshell
Doug & Linda Morrow
Scott & Kimberly Connell
Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Emory
Maha Awayes
Davis, Bowen & Friedel, Inc.
Dogfish Head
George & Lynch Co.
Growmark FS, LLC
Insight Homes
Yale Electric Supply
Ellison M. Carey
Bobby & Linda Fischer
Stephanie Smith Christiano
& Derrick Christiano
Bob & Lynn Edgell
Don & Pat Fisher
Dr. Jose & Kit Guzman
Randy & Ilona Holland
Mike Koppenhaver
Dr. & Mrs. William Lord, Jr.
Violet Marvel Family
Sharpie McFaul
Lindsay & Tami Rhodenbaugh
Sally Cowgill Reynolds
John & Pamela Van Gorp
Dirk & Tracey Van Rees
Doug & Mary Ellen Van Rees
Howell & Margo Wallace
Bill & Mary Jane Willis
Richard A. Givens, II
Sponsors Level  
Harry & Carolyn Humes
Marmot Foundation
Dr. Sharad Patel & Dr. Priyanka Dixit-Patel
Ed & Pam Marecki
Frank & Linda Chick
Chichester duPont Foundation
Jane L. Black
Ronald & Susan Doughty
Helen Holleger
John & Linda Paradee
Dr. Mike & Lynne Sweeney
Mike & Nancy Tretina
Barbara & David Rutt
Dr. Jonathan & Leba Kaufmann
Mike & Christine Metzing
Connie & Richard Mohnk
Jullie & I.G. Burton, III
Dr. Joseph & Jill Rubacky
Karen & R.W. Kelly
Brenda Blain
Kathy & Gary Cripps
Veronica Kopec
George & Janet Short
Dr. Ramesh K. Vemulapalli
Gail & Herb Semans
Lee Hirsch Endowment
V. George & Jeanette Carey
Cal & Ginny Clendaniel
Bob & Angela MacLeish
Richard & Carolyn Sames
Deborah Warshawsky
Daniel Hirsch Endowment
Peter & Marie Renzi
Crystal Steel Fabricators, Inc.
Dr. Scott & SaraKate Hammer
Thomas Hanley Trust
M. Russell & Beverly French
Richard & Megan King
Al & Ellie Lauckner
Walt & Chris McEvilly
Chris & Marianne Foard
Laura Mills
Charles Rodriguez
Marshall Rea & Sharon Starling
G. Gardner & Janice Shugart
Joseph McFaul family
Chris & Carole Baker
Jeff & Shannon Young

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