Growing Hands-On Care To Benefit Patients

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 | Orthopedics, Outpatient Rehabilitation

In today’s complex healthcare world, collaboration is an important component. Bayhealth now has two hand surgeons, two physician assistants and three certified hand therapists on staff that work together to provide the full spectrum of care related to conditions of the upper extremity. It is unique for a community hospital system to have this depth of specialty expertise.

D.I. Singh, DO, MS (center right), based at Bayhealth Orthopaedics, Dover, was recently joined by Andrew Park, MD, MBS (center left), who works primarily out of the Bayhealth Orthopaedics, Sussex Campus location. Both of these orthopaedic surgeons specialize in treating hands or other parts of the arm. Physician assistants Susan Condreras, PA-C (far right), and Megan Hall, PA-C (far left), work with Dr. Singh and Dr. Park, respectively, assisting with treatment plans and patient care.

Under the direction of the orthopaedic team, Bayhealth’s certified hand therapists (CHTs) Jennifer Patrick, OT, CHT, and Sharon Wong, OT, CHT, at the Kent Campus and Beth Roros, OT, CHT, at the Sussex Campus work to aid in the management of complex upper extremity disorders. Although people are sometimes confused by the title, said Patrick, CHTs work with patients with injuries or conditions affecting the area from the shoulders all the way down to the fingers, not just the hands.

“The hand is a composition of complex anatomy that includes bones, multiple joints, tendons, muscle, nerves, vessels, and ligaments,” said Dr. Singh. When these structures are injured, collaboration between surgeon and hand therapist is important to get the best results.”

Having specialists that cover both Kent and Sussex Campuses is convenient for residents throughout the region. “We’re here to treat a broad range of hand and upper extremity conditions. Whether it’s through complicated reconstructive surgery or an alternative nonoperative treatment, our goal is to restore as much function as possible and offer personalized rehabilitative care, if needed,” said Dr. Park.

At many private outpatient clinics, it’s rare to get a one-on-one appointment with a licensed hand therapist, but that’s the norm at Bayhealth. Patrick, Wong and Roros do individual therapy, work rehabilitation services, and custom splinting as well as provide upper extremity rehab training to further develop their team of OTs and OT assistants.

The orthopaedic team and therapists have a mutual understanding and respect of each other’s work, which has strengthened the collaborative process. “It’s reassuring to have excellent hand therapists that rehab our surgical and non-surgical patients,” said Dr. Singh. The team also shares the same records and stays in close communication. This is a huge advantage for patients as it facilitates more comprehensive care.

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