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Christian is DAISY Award Winner

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 | Awards & Recognitions
Bayhealth’s recent DAISY Award winner Lindsay Christian, BSN, RN, is relatively new to the nursing profession, but nursing is not new to her. You might even say that being driven to take care of sick people is in her genes. Both her mother and her grandmother were nurses, and her sister works as a nurse on the 4th floor of the same hospital – Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus - where Christian works in the Clinical Decision Unit.

Christian’s compassion was comforting to one patient’s family in November 2019. The patient’s granddaughter nominated Christian for the DAISY Award. She wrote, “Lindsay was my grandmother’s nurse the day my grandmother had all of her testing done. She made my grandmother extremely comfortable and was so kind to her. The day of discharge, she was the charge nurse, and my grandmother was very anxious about getting the flu shot before she left. Lindsay made sure she got one and was comfortable while getting it. Her compassion for nursing really showed through my grandmother’s care.”

Christian recalls that this patient was waiting for a cardiac catherization following a positive stress test. “She was very nervous, so I just explained everything,” she said. “I walked the family through what was happening, and her family was very thankful. I wanted her to feel comfortable and at ease.”

Although this patient was reluctant to get her flu shot, Christian also took the time to explain why that shot was valuable, and the patient agreed to be vaccinated. “I really didn’t do anything special. I treated her [the patient] as if she were my own family member,” Christian explained. “It is a great honor for me to be nominated and to receive the DAISY Award.”

Congratulations to Lindsay Christian on her DAISY Award and for completing her bachelor’s degree in nursing recently from Wilmington University.

DAISY Award honorees are nominated by nurses, administrators, peers, physicians, volunteers, patients, and families. If you know a Bayhealth nurse who deserves to be nominated, visit Bayhealth.org/DAISY and fill out the nomination form.

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