Bayhealth Women's Services team members with a CuddleCot cooling bassinet donated to Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus.

Bayhealth Sussex Campus Receives CuddleCot™ Donation

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 |
Pictured are Bayhealth Women’s Services staff members (left to right) Lori Martin, Mary Coverdale, Jennifer Orlosky-Novack, Carol Sigman, Leigh Woodin, and Michelle Cummings with a CuddleCot™ recently donated to Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus by Ashlie’s Embrace, a non-profit organization based in Ohio that supports families who have experienced a stillbirth or infant loss.

The CuddleCot, which was given in memory of Ashlie Cathren Maroon, is a cooling bassinet that can be used by mothers and other loved ones to spend more time with their stillborn babies or infants who are lost shortly after birth.