The Undiscovered Brain Tumor that Left Linda Standing Still

While on a trip to their local grocery store, Harrington residents Gary and Linda Wilson experienced an unexpected chain of events. It would lead to Linda having a benign meningioma, or brain tumor, removed by Bayhealth Neurosurgeon James D. Mills, MD, just two days later.

While walking through the store, Linda said, “I had to stand still because my head hurt so badly.” Her husband added, “She froze and was motionless for about 30 seconds. Then Linda said she had to go to the bathroom. When she returned 20 minutes later, she said we needed to go home because she was sick to her stomach.”

“I remember leaving Walmart and telling Gary to pull over because I was going to throw up again and getting sick on the side of the road,” said Linda. “I don’t remember anything else until waking up in the hospital, being told I needed surgery.”

When the Wilsons got home, Linda continued to be sick and became disoriented. “I called her doctor because she was so out of it,” said Gary. “He said it sounded like she was having a stroke and I should get her to the hospital right away.” Gary took Linda to Bayhealth Kent General.

“I drove up to the ER, but I wasn’t able to get her out of my truck,” Gary recalled. “I went inside and said I needed help. A group of staff rushed outside. They put her in a wheelchair. She was vomiting everywhere, but they didn’t mind.”

“At least three nurses and a doctor attended to her in the ER. They took her immediately for a CT scan. She was improving as far as the vomiting, but she didn’t know the year. She thought Ronald Reagan was president. It was very scary. But the staff was great.”

Gary would soon learn Linda wasn’t having a stroke, but suffering the effects of the tumor. “Dr. Mills said the tumor was likely benign, but putting significant pressure on her brain and causing her symptoms.”

“I was scared and didn’t want to have surgery,” said Linda. “I prayed, ‘Lord, if he tells me one thing, I will go through with it.’ Dr. Mills said the tumor was surrounded by a halo, and I knew everything was going to be okay.”

Today, Linda has fewer headaches and she can complete her puzzle games faster. “The only negative was I couldn’t wash my hair for a while and then I had to use baby shampoo for about a month,” she said.

“We are so grateful for what everyone at Bayhealth did for us — from the ER staff to Dr. Mills to the staff of the Neuro ICU and Home Care — they all gave us amazing attention and care,” said Gary. 

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