It takes a village to heal a wound

While blowing out candles on his birthday cake, Milford resident Robert Anderson ignored the pressure he was feeling in his ankle. It was the same pressure he’d felt for days leading up to his party. And it was the site of a decade-old surgery. Anderson’s celebration was cut short when the surgical wound suddenly reopened. He turned to Bayhealth’s Wound Care team for healing and support.

“It felt like the skin was stretching and opening, but my ankle looked normal on the outside,” Anderson said. It wasn’t until his daughter noticed blood on his ankle that Anderson realized his bone was exposed.

After a trip to the Emergency Department at Bayhealth Milford Memorial, where the medical team closed the wound, Anderson was referred for further treatment. He was treated by Bayhealth Podiatrist Jamie Hopkins, DMP, FACFAS, at the Bayhealth Wound Care Center, Dover.

Bayhealth Wound Care Centers in Dover and Milford are available to patients who have a variety of wounds, including diabetic, neuropathic, ischemic, and pressure ulcers. The wound care team treats traumatic and surgical wounds, burns, and skin irritations, and they see patients with venous insufficiency and vasculitis.

When Dr. Hopkins determined Anderson would need to make weekly visits for treatment, Anderson was pleased to learn that Bayhealth opened a Wound Care Center in Milford in 2016.

Each week, the wound care team changed the dressings on Anderson’s ankle to prevent infection so the wound would heal properly. He spent 10 months mostly immobile. “I had a plastic boot, and had to keep my leg elevated to help with blood flow.” Anderson said he’s grateful to his wife Sandy, who was his faithful supporter through his journey.

Anderson’s path to healing was eased by “top-notch care.” He said the Wound Care Center staff was compassionate and made him feel at ease. “The staff is very friendly and sociable. I wish I could call out one person in particular, but they’re all superstars.”

The process was tough on Anderson, but he has since completely healed. “Thank God for the Wound Care Center — they did a remarkable job,” he said. “I’ve been to many ‘big-city hospitals’ in my lifetime, and I never received better care than I have at Bayhealth.”

Visit or call 302-430-5900 to learn more about the Wound Care Centers in Dover and Milford.

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