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The Health of One Inspires Us All

From our farmers and fishermen, to our home builders and paramedics, we understand that when we help one person heal we’re really helping entire communities. That’s why we’re driven to bring the nation’s best care back home to you.

If you’re suffering from symptoms such as chronic back, hand or joint pain, call us to learn more about how we can help. Choosing surgery is never an easy decision, but we’re here with the resources and support you need.

The Safest Technology

Bayhealth was first in the state to offer robotic spine surgery using the Globus Navigation System. This breakthrough technology, the most advanced in the world, allows us to more accurately and precisely perform surgeries that can provide the relief from back pain you’ve been looking for.

The Fastest Recovery Times

With the latest developments in total joint replacement, we offer anterior hip replacement. With this procedure, we work from the front of your hip which means smaller incisions and a less invasive approach, leading to the fastest possible recovery time so you can get back on your feet.

Highly Trained & Specialized Teams

Not every surgeon receives the same training, which is why it’s important to work with a team that is specialized in a specific area of the body. Our “hand-to-shoulder” team has gone through extensive training to more precisely repair breaks and fractures, and to help relieve the pain and numbness caused by carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) with endoscopic decompression – the latest in minimally invasive CTS procedures.

John B. - Robotic Spine Surgery

In 2009, John suffered a spinal injury while on duty as a paramedic. His pain was so severe that he was forced to retire. Sadly, a man who spent his career lifting others could no longer lift himself. After several failed attempts to relieve his pain, John decided to go to Bayhealth. Here, under the supervision of surgeon Dr. Amit Goyal, he was able to get the world-class care he needed.

Meet the Team

Bayhealth Neurosurgeons Amit Goyal, MD and Dawn R. Tartaglione, DO perform the robotic spine surgery John received.

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John H. - Anterior Hip Replacement

U.S. Army Reserve member John was faced with mounting hip pain as he continued building our community’s homes in his daily life. When the pain wouldn’t go away and treatment was no longer as effective as it once was, surgery became the most recommended option. Choosing Bayhealth meant John would be able to receive an Anterior Hip Replacement, which has the fastest recovery time. Now, John continues to climb ladders and grow our community: one house at a time.

Meet the Team

Bayhealth Orthopaedic Surgeons John R. Burger, DO, Anthony C. Falvello, DO, and Trinity O. Pilkington, MD perform the anterior hip replacement surgery John received. See a full list of Bayhealth's orthopaedic team. 

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Katie P. - Complex Elbow Fracture

This past year, Katie was having her best BMX season yet. But just one week before the championship race, Katie had an accident on the course, which resulted in a serious elbow injury that took her off the track. Never one to give up, Katie looked to Bayhealth for treatment. Bayhealth has the only specialized surgeons in the region who could diagnose, plan, and perform her surgery successfully.

Meet the Team

Bayhealth Orthopaedic Surgeons Andrew G. Park, MD and Darshdeep Singh, DO perform the complex elbow surgery Katie received. See a full list of Bayhealth's orthopaedic team. 

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