Welcome to the Hospital Month Walking Path!

Taking care of our patients starts with taking care of ourselves! That's why we created this walking path for you to enjoy during Hospital Month (and beyond!).

This page will be updated daily throughout Hospital Month with a new tip, fun fact, challenge, or instant prize (in no particular order)—so be sure to scan the QR code each time you walk to reveal what's in store. Read below for important details about challenges and prizes.

Tuesday, May 31


A 15 minute walk can curb chocolate and sugar cravings.

Important Details

Each challenge you complete enters you to win a prize! Just post a photo or video of yourself completing the day's challenge (could be push-ups, dancing, jumping jacks, and more!) to the Bayhealth Announcements group on Workplace and use #WalkingPathChallenge to enter. Only one entry per person, per challenge will be accepted. If there is a group completing the challenge, be sure to name everyone in the group when you post the photo or video.

Instant Prizes
You'll see a short form above when it's an instant prize day. Simply fill out the form to claim your prize! Only one entry per person will be accepted. Prizes are limited. The form will no longer accept entries when the prize limit has been reached. Please do not claim more than ONE instant prize during Hospital Month. You cannot receive multiple prizes.

Receiving Your Prizes
All prizes will be distributed AT THE END OF HOSPITAL MONTH. You will be contacted with instructions on how to claim your prize. Please do not reach out to the Marketing office about your prizes.

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