Recognizing Excellence and Perseverance

Above and Beyond logoSponsored by the Bayhealth Medical Staff, the Above and Beyond Awards recognize the remarkable resiliency and dedication of those who care for our community. Anyone in the Bayhealth community, including employees, Medical Staff and private practice staff can receive an Above and Beyond Award.

Thank you to all who nominated someone for the awards. The nomination period has ended, and the final round of winners will be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can read about the winners-to-date below. Each awardee received an Amazon gift card. We applaud them and all who were nominated.

Barbara Bunting Barbara Bunting, Food Services, Sussex Campus — “Barbara Bunting is the type of individual who embodies the spirit and values of Bayhealth. Her service to this organization goes well beyond preparing food for the employees and patients. She knows the food preferences of EVERYONE at the Sussex campus and she caters and connects to needs that extend well being providing mere sustenance. Her warmth and compassion is fresh and served up hot every day. She is family to all she comes in contact with and during the challenges of the past few years, has been a constant source of joy and inspiration when staff come to the cafeteria looking for a quick reprieve from the chaos. It is team members like Barb that make Bayhealth a home!” — Joshua Smith, Rehab Services, Sussex Campus
Chris Murphy Chris Murphy, Medical Infusions — “Chris is an exceptional nurse that cares deeply for her patients. A perfect example is a patient that comes daily for hydration. He is cachexic and would benefit from TPN. However, his insurance will not approve this. Chris has spent countless hours speaking with his insurance companies, doctors, social workers, and others, in an attempt to get him this much needed treatment. The patient brought in his financial information, that was needed to apply for assistance, and Chris assisted him with calls to submit this information. He would also benefit from home health as he has a seizure disorder and is unable to drive. His insurance will not allow this without a hefty copay. Chris continues to work with his doctors to obtain the labs that would be needed to have him accepted into home health. This is only one example of how Chris goes above and beyond every day.” — Gina Collins, Medical Infusions
Dr. Christopher Kennel Dr. Christopher Kennel, Bayhealth ENT — “Kudos to Dr. Kennel in ENT for going above and beyond to improve patient care and outcome. Earlier this month, there was a patient at Sussex ER that had a GLF and sustained significant facial lacerations involving her upper and lower lips. Dr. Kennel was on call at the Kent Campus and home in Wilmington. Instead of transferring the patient to Kent he elected to come to the Sussex ER to avoid the patient transfer. His compassion for the patient and willingness to do what would ultimately benefit the patient was a welcomed expression of flexibility and teamwork.” — Malcom Owens, Emergency Physician Assistant
Dr. Christopher Kennel Monica Morris, Care Management — “The RN Care Managers were short staffed during COVID, and our team, like so many were dealt a heavy hand with staffing call outs due to COVID exposures and other personal family emergencies. I would like to nominate Monica because she approached me and offered to give up her Days off and PTO in order to keep our Department afloat. She literally worked almost every day for the last 2.5 years with a pleasant demeanor and an attitude always reflective of Bayhealth's values. She assisted with covering other roles (ED) and became cross trained as a DC planner, always reaching out to her peers and colleagues to see in what ways she could help. As a result, we were able to ensure adequate coverage in a seamless manner that expedited patient throughput and promoted better patient outcomes.” — Denise Engelsen, Care Management
Monica Morris Elizabeth "Liz" Westmoreland, Food Services, Kent Campus — “People such as Elizabeth “Liz” Westmoreland are often looked over for the vital help they brought to our staff and visitors during the pandemic. Liz worked 12-16-hour days, for weeks on end, without a break, to ensure people had the food and drink to keep going. While her mother passed away on CVSICU, she was in the café helping others and was at work the next day. That is the definition of resilience and the type of dedication she has to Bayhealth and our community. She offers a smile, knows people’s orders, and ensures everyone who comes to her counter walks away a little better. Ask everyone from the Kent OR staff to EVS and they will have a story of how Liz has made their day a little brighter during even the darkest times. She is what we need to celebrate for making the world a better place.” — Carrie Hart, Volunteer Services
Elizabeth Westmoreland Sara Noll, 6B, Physical Therapy — “Sara is the epitome of above and beyond work here at Bayhealth. She takes her job very seriously and is truly passionate about what she does. Not only does she focus on the physical needs of her patients, but she takes the time to seek out their psychosocial needs as well. She is an active listener, an empathetic conversationalist, and a strong advocate for her patients. She addresses concerns without being dismissive and follows up with the interdisciplinary team to ensure that their concerns are addressed. She is an avid learner and seeks to grow in knowledge and understanding, asking many questions. She is professional, disciplined, excellent with what she does, and holds phenomenal rapport with every patient and family member she encounters. She truly loves what she does, and it shows in her exemplary work. I am honored to work with such a skilled and compassionate person!” — Nominated by Rachel Winston, RN on 6B

Sara Noll Elizabeth Hurley, Respiratory Therapy Navigator — “Elizabeth Hurley is the most caring and dedicated person. She is the Respiratory Navigator for the Sussex Campus. She devotes her time and efforts in the overall care of her pulmonary patients. She consistently goes above and beyond in so many ways. She gives 100% of her time and effort to everything that she does. When she encounters a need that her patients have, she seeks out all resources to get their needs fulfilled. For example, Elizabeth realized the extreme need for CPAP machines for many of her patients for home use. With an extensive backorder of these machine, they were not available. She jumped into action and placed an advertisement through Bayhealth Marketing to request donations of CPAP machines. It was a success and she was able to provide many patients with a CPAP machine. She is a true HERO!! She always saves the day!!!" — Nominated by a former colleague

Sara Noll Theresa Latorre-Tegtmeier, Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner — “Working with Terry is always a refreshing. Watching her care for our palliative patients, their family members and friends is awe inspiring. She will literally listen to a family story and create goals of care that not only meets the patient's medical needs but also addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of the entire family. You can almost see her wheels turning when she is at the bedside. She considers every appropriate specialty and service available to each patient and she takes the time to explain them. She almost always make the connection before exiting the room, leaving the patient with one less worry. I have seen her walk into a room where everyone was crying and by the time she left there were smiles all around with comfort and hope in every eye. She is a daily inspiration for us all.” — Nominated by Rev. Carol Harris, Bayhealth Supervisor of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy Services

Sara Noll Cheryl Lewis, 4A Nursing Assistant/Unit Secretary — “Cheryl is a life-long care giver, and extraordinary human being. An example: a patient had no friends or family, and needed placement. Cheryl bought him clothes and shoes that he wore proudly! She did things family would do, like bringing in home made soup when she made extra. Finally, he was discharged to a long term care facility. Cheryl waited until he got settled in, and then continued to be his one and only visitor. Without anyone to be his contact person, Cheryl agreed they could call her if something was needed. Their friendship continued until the day the nurses station called Cheryl to share the news of his passing. Cheryl shared his passing with me today. We both shed a tear or two, but for different reasons. She was mourning the loss of a friend; my tears were because I was in awe of Cheryl's deep compassion and humanity.” — Nominated by Verna Sellers, 4A Senior Nurse Manager

Sara Noll Gayle Myran, Bayhealth Occupational Health — “Gayle is truly an inspiration and gift to the Bayhealth community. Every single day she goes above and beyond for not only her patients but for her staff as well. We all know that as a charge nurse she holds many different responsibilities and wears many different hats— from charge nurse to CPR instructor—but every day she shows up to work positive and ready to tackle the day. She comes in early, stays late and always makes sure her staff is equipped with what we need whether it be supplies or support. Any given day you can find Gayle on the floor knees deep with the rest of us making sure all our patients are well taken care of. Dover Occ Health would not be the same without Gayle!!!” — Nominated by Ashley McCormick, Occupational Health

Sara Noll Judith Shirey, Finance — “According to Finance Vice President Mary Finn, Judy is a tireless contributor to the Finance team and is always willing to pitch in wherever she is needed. She will stay late, come in early or on the weekends when needed to meet or exceed deadlines and looks for practical approaches to improve the department’s performance. Judy willingly accepts assignments, shares her knowledge and is a valued resource within and outside the department. Judy may not be direct patient care, but she helps contributes to the financial success of the organization which allows us to continue to meet our mission. She is passionate about what she does and is also a great teammate. I appreciate the service-oriented approach that Judy demonstrates to all members of Bayhealth.” — Nominated by Mike Tretina, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Judith Shirey Trisha Bentley, Women's Breast Care Coordinator — “Trish Bentley, Women’s Breast care Coordinator, is an exceptional and an amazingly compassionate individual. A perfect example of Ms. Bentley’s actions is the way she takes personal pride in each patient. Speaking about her own experience and listening to what each patient is going through she is there for them. Recently, I witnessed this when a family member of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. Trish helped with concerns by listening tentatively, as well as getting her in touch with the right support to help her financially. She is truly an asset to Bayhealth Women’s Center. Trish comforted my sister and gave her the peace of mind and answered all questions with honesty and understanding. We are very thankful that she was able to comfort with such heartfelt compassion. There are not enough words about the experience and interaction we had with Ms. Bentley, she truly is an astounding individual.” — Nominated by Elizabeth Anne Burke, Food Services Manager