Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus

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Bayhealth Cardiovascular and Electrophysiology Labs


640 S. State St.
Dover, DE 19901
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Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus has three Cardiovascular and Electrophysiology Labs where procedures are done to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular conditions.

The procedures include cardiac catheterizations, also known as a cardiac or heart cath, or electrophysiology studies, and are performed by doctors who specialize in the heart—interventional cardiologists or electrophysiologists.

Interventional cardiologists are specially trained to use catheters, small tubes, with cameras to access and view the heart’s systems.

Electrophysiologists are specialists who perform tests and treatment if a problem with the heart’s electrical system, such as an arrhythmia, an irregular heartbeat, or other heart rhythm disorder, is suspected.

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