Laboratory Services

Bayhealth’s state-of-the-art laboratories provide full-service diagnostic and preventative testing that deliver accurate results in a timely manner. Our team of expert clinical laboratory professionals oversee the testing of tissue, blood and other specimens in order to diagnose diseases, identify risk for future illnesses, and manage existing conditions.

Accredited by the College of American Pathologists—the gold standard in laboratory accreditation—as well as the Association for the Advancement of Blood & Biotherapies, our laboratories and staff uphold the highest standards in testing and analysis. Whether in the collection, storage, or testing of samples, we value safety and accuracy above all.

We also prioritize communication and transparency. Our experts use MyChart to ensure that you have quick access to your results.

Services We Provide

Our laboratories perform hundreds of thousands of diagnostic tests each year, all with the goal of keeping you healthy and improving your quality of life. We use the most advanced cellular, genetic and bioinformatic technologies to achieve clear results.

Among the many types of lab services we provide are the following.

  • Anatomic Pathology: Using tissue or fluid samples, our labs study the causes and effects of certain diseases. Examples of our anatomic pathology lab services include biopsy and cytology tests.
  • Clinical Chemistry: These services focus on the testing and analysis of specific substances in biological fluids such as blood, urine and others.
  • Clinical Microbiology: Our microbiology labs use an array of tests to identify and characterize infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites.
  • Hematology: Focused on diseases of the blood, hematology tests can help diagnose blood infections, blood-clotting disorders, leukemia, anemia and hemophilia.
  • Immunology: We provide testing for a range of autoimmune, neurological and connective tissue diseases. Our immunology labs also aid in the identification of infectious diseases such as Lyme disease.
  • Transfusion Services: Our labs also perform necessary blood transfusion services, including antibody screens and blood typing. This lab work supports numerous services and specialities, including cardiac surgery and trauma services.

Learn more about Bayhealth by exploring our awards and accreditations.

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