Hand Injuries

Our hand specialist performs delicate procedures to help you regain function.

Minimally invasive procedures for hand and wrist can help you overcome carpal tunnel syndrome, complex fractures, arthritis, tendon injuries, trigger finger and more. Our specialist is considered among the areas most skilled at repairing hand injuries. We look at how your injury affects your daily activities and develop a surgical and treatment plan that is right for you.  We have 3 Certified Hand Therapists (CHT’s) on staff, which is the “gold standard” board certification for arm and hand injuries


Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment and surgery

When the inflammation of the tissues in your wrist put pressure on the median nerve, you may experience numbness and tingling. Treatment consists of an evaluation and certain lifestyle changes such as eliminating the wrist action that has caused the symptoms to worsen. You may have to wear a wrist splint to keep the wrist in a straight position. Surgery becomes necessary when other treatments have not been successful and consists of a small incision where the ligament that forms the carpal tunnel is cut to relieve pressure.

Complex fractures

Injuries or accidents may cause severe fractures or dislocations of bones in your hand. Our skilled surgical team can determine an effective method to repair them. Methods include immobilization through a splint or cast, K-wire fixation to correct finger placement, and surgery to repair unstable or multiple fractures.

Tendon repair

When the extensor or flexor tendons in your hand are damaged or have been affected by disease such as arthritis, causing you to be unable to straighten out one or more of the affected fingers or use your hand normally. Our expert surgical team can repair tendons in the hand using delicate surgical techniques.

Dupuytren’s contracture

When the tissue in the palm of the hand — which are represented as cords or strands under the skin — thicken, they can contract and cause the fingers to appear bent. If this condition impairs your ability to grasp items or use your hand normally, we can provide a surgical solution that involves cutting the thick bands of tissue.

Rehabilitation and education

As soon as the patient is stable, our occupational and physical therapists will begin rehabilitation. The team instructs patients and their families on the goals of rehabilitation and gives them exercises and guidelines for activity. The team also educates them on how to prepare the home for the patient’s return and explains precautions they should take to avoid reinjuring to the hand.

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