Robotic Surgery

The robotic-assisted surgery at Bayhealth has a multidisciplinary surgical team. Our doctors are specially trained and credentialed to use the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical system, which allows them to perform a wide range of delicate and complex operations. A dedicated, highly experienced team of anesthesiologists, nurses, assistants, and surgical techs are also trained to support each robotic surgeon’s needs during robotic-assisted surgery.

What Robotic Surgeries Are Available?

The robotic surgeries they are trained to perform include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian Cystectomy
  • Salpingectomy
  • Salpingo-oophorectomy
  • Myomectomy
  • Ablation or Resection of Endometriosis
  • Prostatectomy
  • Nephrectomy
  • Nephroureterectomy
  • Partial Nephrectomy
  • Nephrolithotomy
  • Cystolithotomy
  • Renal Cyst Decortication
  • Radical Cystectomy
  • Partial Cystectomy
  • Adrenalectomy
  • Ureteral Reimplantation
  • Pyelolithotomy
  • Pyeloplasty
  • Ureterectomy
  • Ureteroureterostomy
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Roux En Y Gastric Bypass
  • Hiatal Hernia Repair
  • Inguinal, Umbilical, and Ventral Hernia Repair
  • Colostomy Reversal
  • Right Colon Resection
  • Left Colon Resection
  • Low Anterior Resection (LAR)
  • Abdominal Perineal Resection (APR)
  • Single Site Cholecystectomy
  • Multi Port Cholecystectomy
  • Fundoplication
  • Pneumonectomy
  • Lobectomy
  • Wedge
  • Thoracic Lymph Nodes
  • Thymectomy

What Are the Benefits of Robotic Surgeries?

As compared to open surgery, the minimally invasive da Vinci surgical system delivers several potential benefits to patients. Some of the most notable, which are dependent upon the type of surgical procedure being performed, include:

  • A shorter hospital stay
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Less need for narcotic pain medicine
  • A faster recovery
  • Smaller incisions associated with minimal scarring

Most major insurance plans cover robotic surgeries performed using da Vinci, but you should contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage.

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