A doctor speaks to her patients about a mammogram.
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Myths About Breast Cancer

The topic of breast cancer can be confusing, as there are many rumors about the disease. Luckily, Bayhealth’s Breast Care Coordinator Trisha Bentley, BSN, RN, can help clear any confusion and help you navigate fact from fiction.

1. Only women get breast cancer
While breast cancer is primarily diagnosed in women, men can get breast cancer as well. Men should do self-exams at home just like women and report any changes or concerns to their doctors.

2. Only women with a family history of breast cancer should be concerned
Most patients diagnosed with breast cancer have no close relatives with the disease. Discuss your family history of breast cancer with your doctor, as it may affect your screening age.

3. If your mammogram is clean, you’re in the clear for a year
You can certainly breathe a sigh of relief when your mammogram results come back normal, but don’t let your guard down. Continue to do monthly self-exams at home throughout the year and call your doctor if you have any concerns.

4. You will always feel a lump if you have breast cancer
Many women assume they will be able to feel a lump in their breast if they have cancer. Early breast cancer is often silent. Self-exams should be part of your routine, but don’t skip out on annual mammograms even if you don’t notice anything out of the ordinary.

5. Young, healthy women don’t get breast cancer
While exercising regularly and eating healthy can reduce the risk of breast cancer, it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t develop the disease.

Women – and men – of all ages should regularly check themselves for any changes in breast tissue. Monthly self-exams, annual clinical exams by a health professional and annual mammograms can greatly increase the chance of findings early-stage breast cancer.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, you may be eligible for Bayhealth’s Cancer Screening Assistance Program. Call 302-744-6562 for Kent County or 302-430-5173 for Sussex County to see if you qualify.

Visit Bayhealth.org/Mammo to learn how to schedule your mammogram.

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