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Eight Ways Smart Devices can Make You Health Savvy

Technology continues to change our lives. When it comes to being proactive about your health, technology can play a positive role. With a growing presence of smart phones, wearable devices, and speakers in cars, homes, and businesses, you can use technology to help you on the path to good health.

Here are 8 simple ideas on how smart devices can benefit your health:
  1. Engage your smart speaker to begin the music for a home workout. Nothing is more motivating to get your body moving than your favorite upbeat song. Create a playlist via your speaker and all you need to do is request it by name the next time you’re ready to exercise.
  2. Use your home speaker to create and add items to a grocery list. This can be done while you are working around the kitchen, so you can see exactly what you’ll need to restock. Take it a step further and use curbside pick-up on your favorite local grocery store app – especially if shopping in-person brings you stress.
  3. Track your steps with your smart watch or phone. Many devices already do this automatically. Set notifications that encourage you to get up and walk more when it detects you have been sitting for too long.
  4. Use the calendar on your smart phone to keep track of doctor’s appointments, workout classes, and so much more. Set up notifications that will remind you 30 minutes in advance, so you are always right on time.
  5. Track your sleep patterns. Many smart phones and wearable devices are great for tracking your sleep patterns: the quality of your rest, sleep duration, and suggestions about what time to go to bed for optimal sleep health.
  6. Monitor your vitals. The technology in many wearable devices can detect blood pressure, blood sugar, and monitor heart rate. Tools like this can help your doctor better assist you to make changes in your diet, exercise and lifestyle.
  7. Use them in an emergency. Wearable devices can change the outcome of an emergency. You can program them to easily call for help to a loved one or call 9-1-1 when you aren’t able to do so otherwise.
  8. Know your caloric intake. There are apps that can track your calories and daily water intake— this can help you to take an overall assessment about what you are consuming and how that correlates with how you are feeling.

Among all the amazing ways to use technology, make sure you know your limits. Create boundaries for screen time so that you aren’t overdoing it. Just like we set limits for our children with screens; we should know when to take a break. Taking time each day to “unplug” from your devices can be just as beneficial to your health.

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