Our Donors

Delivering high quality care in central and southern Delaware is what Bayhealth does. With an expanding and aging population here, delivering that care has become increasingly costly and more complex.

One of our tactics to address these issues has been to start a medical residency program. Physicians join us following their med school training to continue learning under the guidance of experienced doctors. Some of that experiential learning happens in an outpatient clinic setting.

The Bayhealth Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs both have clinics, in Dover and Milford, respectively. Together these clinics offer as many as 50,000 patient interactions each year.

Staffing and operating the physician residency clinics is expensive and Bayhealth operates the clinics at a loss financially. We shoulder this expense in the cause of providing top-notch healthcare to thousands of people who might otherwise go without care or seek care in a much more expensive emergency/trauma setting.

Recently, philanthropic support from individuals, families, corporations and other foundations has allowed the Bayhealth Foundation to provide more than $1.5 million of support to our resident physician clinics.

Bayhealth is expanding healthcare right here, in central and southern Delaware. Please help us to continue living out our mission by contributing.

If you have any questions, please contact the Bayhealth Foundation office at 302-744-7015.

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