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The Bayhealth Foundation is grateful for the philanthropic support that flows from the communities we serve. Bayhealth is a strong, growing, financially sound healthcare system. Even so, gifts from grateful patients, families and community members help us provide some services that might need to be deferred without that support.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, over $250,000 in total was given by hundreds of you in our area. We are grateful for your assistance that was used for direct patient care and testing, and in support of our dedicated staff.

In addition to COVID-19 related support of Bayhealth, $3 million in donor gifts given through the Bayhealth Foundation were used to enhance patient care at our two hospitals, our emergency center in Smyrna and the more than 50 Bayhealth satellite facilities. Here are some of the ways that your support helped make Bayhealth stronger, and our patient care better, during the past year.

NuStep T5XRW  — Recumbent Stepper for use in out Cardiopulmonary Gym

This piece of equipment is being used by our rehabilitation professionals for patients with arthritis or physical disabilities who cannot easily use traditional aerobic equipment. Patients with various physical impairments can also use this equipment for aerobic exercise, as well as strengthen muscle, improve joint flexibility, and reduce pain.

SciFit StepOne — Aerobic Exercise Trainer for use inour Physical Therapy Department

Specifically designed for older patients recovering from injury, this equipment is primarily used by patients to perform strenuous exercise which is essential to improve cardiac and pulmonary output — while limiting pressure on the joints. The SciFit StepOne design enables the seating system to be easily detached, allowing wheelchair access. The StepOne also allows our therapists to set specific exercise parameters and monitor their patients’ vital signs.

Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator

This is the newest life-sustaining ventilator, which provides the ability to have a more natural ventilation to improve patient comfort. It has a highly customizable display, giving our clinicians more options for viewing key vital signs. Advanced tools incorporated into the unit allow clinicians to set the ventilator to adapt to each patients’ specific needs and provide appropriate levels of support with every breath the patient takes. This ventilator can be used on all patient sizes, including neonatal, pediatric, and adult. These devices were crucial pieces of equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic and were often in short supply around the country.

The WOW (Workstation on Wheels)

The WOW allows Bayhealth staff to be mobile and more easily access patient information. This flexibility supports improved quality care by bringing staff, patients, families, and physicians together at Bayhealth as well as remotely in homes for life-saving consultations. For example, stroke, mental health and neonatal consults are often more efficiently handled by using a WOW. During the COVID crisis, several WOWs have been used for patients to have virtual visits with their loved ones while admitted to Bayhealth.

Affinity 4 Birthing Beds

The Affinity 4 Birthing Beds are specialty beds for use by pregnant patients during the birth process. They break down so the patient’s feet can be placed in stirrups and the physician can have easy access during the delivery of a child.

Resuscitaire Warmers

These warming infant beds are used in the labor and delivery room to provide a neutro-thermic environment for the newly born baby who requires evaluation after birth or resuscitation. The bed is equipped with the instruments required to determine timing for APGAR scores, weigh the infant, provide warmth and resuscitation. The new warmer beds provide a safer surface for the baby that can be cleaned according to infection prevention standards.

Corometrics Fetal Monitor

The Novi Corometrics Fetal Monitors provide continuous fetal monitoring wirelessly. This enhancement to fetal monitoring technology provides women with freedom of movement. The pregnant woman is able to move without the need to disconnect from the fetal monitoring system. This freedom enables the practitioners the ability to monitor the health of the infant without restricting movement of the mother.

Sonosite Unit

This important piece of equipment is used to locate areas of anatomy for interventional procedures in the Bayhealth Sussex Campus interventional suite. Using the unit helps the doctor be more precise while inserting needles into blood vessels.

CT Scanners

These two new CT scanners reduce radiation exposure to patients and provide better image quality.

C-Arm Device

For use by Bayhealth orthopaedic surgeons in the Emergency Department, the C-Arm helps with bone reductions and provides the care team with real-time images for better outcomes.

Bayhealth Occupational Health

Our Occupational Health office in Milford is being moved from Jefferson Street to the Dickinson Building. The move requires interior renovations, new X-ray equipment as well as new furniture and additional equipment.

Ultrasound Equipment for Bayhealth Primary Care Sports Medicine

In this area of care, ultrasound equipment has emerged as an important tool used to provide optimal care to patients. Using sound waves, the equipment allows diagnosticians to assess structures like tendons, ligaments and nerves under the skin.

A patient with claustrophobia who suffers from a torn rotator cuff can be diagnosed using the ultrasound, saving that patient a trip to an MRI tube. The equipment is also used to perform procedures like a hip joint injection which normally would not be safe without the guidance of imaging modality. Ultrasound-guided procedures have been shown to be more accurate than palpation-guided injections.

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