Our Donors

This year more than $3 million from our generous donors flowed through the Bayhealth Foundation to Bayhealth Medical Center. We’re enormously grateful for the generosity of everyone who is helping keep Bayhealth strong. Of the total given directly by Bayhealth Foundation donors, $2 million supported the new Bayhealth Sussex Campus and $1 million went to secure a new da Vinci robotic surgery device.

Bayhealth Sussex Campus

Our newest, most advanced and most costly new facility opened in early February 2019. Since its first day of operation, the Bayhealth Sussex Campus has received rave reviews from patients, families, caregivers and the community. The larger, better equipped operating theaters, private patient rooms, dramatically expanded Emergency and Trauma Services unit, modern Women’s and Children’s unit, new linear accelerator-equipped Cancer Center and sleek, efficient Outpatient Center are serving more patients than was possible at Milford Memorial Hospital. Thanks to the hundreds of donors who helped us achieve this long planned for milestone in southern Delaware.

da Vinci Surgical Robot

Bayhealth has expanded our long-standing robotic technology at both hospitals with the addition of a second da Vinci surgical robot, which was purchased with donor funds.

The da Vinci is currently used by 12 surgeons who practice in gastroenterology, gynecology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, colorectal surgery, and urology. Robotic surgery allows the surgeon to use a smaller incision to work in a confined space using advanced minimally invasive technology. Patients experience less blood loss during surgery as well as improved post-operative recovery time and a decreased length of hospital stay.

The da Vinci devices each have dedicated operating room suites that include all of the necessary supplies for specialized robotic procedures. The Bayhealth perioperative staff has received specialty training for the robotic technology and will continue to advance their training as the program grows to ensure the safest and best possible outcomes for patients.

Bayhealth’s robotic program constantly monitors the quality and safety of all robotic surgical procedures. An interdisciplinary team collaborates to drive improvements in our robotic program and procedures and strives to achieve the goals of the program — enhanced patient safety, improved and expanded services, operating room efficiency, standardization of processes, improved communication pathways, and reduced process variability.

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