Small-town charm, without the big-city headache

No one has seen the changes around southern Delaware more than the Stricklands. Jim and his wife Patricia moved to Milford in 1964. At the time Jim worked for the phone company. He was told not to buy a home because he and his family would only be there for a year or two at most. More than 53 years later, the Stricklands are still in Milford, enjoying life with their four children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Two of the Stricklands’ children were born in what was then Milford Memorial Hospital. “I remember feeling so lucky when we first moved here,” Jim said. “We loved this town, and we had a stellar hospital nearby. It was great.” Jim was heavily involved with the hospital for years. He served on the board for two decades. He’s always happy to talk about his doctors and medical care. “He’s one of the few people who actually likes to go to the doctor,” jokes Patricia.

A few months ago Jim began experiencing severe headaches. A few were so bad he landed in the emergency department seeking answers. As he described it, “they hurt like the dickens” and really had him concerned. Eventually his primary care physician referred him to an endocrinologist. That’s when Jim began seeing Nira Madisi, MD, with Bayhealth Endocrinology.

Strickland finds specialist care near home in Milford“Dr. Madisi is so special,” said Jim. “She sat down and talked to me almost like I was a family member or someone close. She was so relaxed and open, and she made me feel like I was her only patient.” Ultimately Jim was prescribed medication for his thyroid that in turn ended his headaches.

“Jim was a wonderful patient,” said Dr. Madisi. “He was open about what he was experiencing, so we could quickly find a solution. There’s nothing better than being able to be part of making a patient feel better.”

“It’s wonderful to not have those headaches anymore,” said Jim. “I was so worried about them. Now they are gone and I’m living worry-free, and you can’t put a price on that. I can’t thank Dr. Madisi enough.”

Jim’s swift journey to an answer sheds light on how access to healthcare has changed in southern Delaware, thanks to Bayhealth’s vision to deliver the nation’s best healthcare to our communities here at home. When the Stricklands first moved to the area, they often had to travel to receive care. “I remember when it was a long drive to get to the doctor,” says Jim. “There were no specialists down this way. It was hard on us, especially with a family when we needed that care.”

Now every specialist they need is in close proximity, which is important as they continue to watch their family grow. “Family is the best thing in the world,” said Patricia. “We are so fortunate to have our health, and have such wonderful doctors nearby now.”

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