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An Enduring Bond Through All Ages and Stages

As any parent knows, there’s nothing more important than your child’s health. From infancy to young adulthood and all the boo boos and sore throats in between, having a trusted pediatrician is vital to children’s well-being. Carol Ramirez recognizes the significance of the bond that she and her son, 11-year-old Michael, share with theirs—Bayhealth Pediatrician Colleen Allorto, DO.

When Dr. Allorto joined the new Bayhealth Pediatrics, Milford practice in April, there was never a doubt they’d follow her there. Despite the half-hour drive from their home in Dover, the Ramirez family is grateful to continue receiving the exceptional care from Dr. Allorto they have relied on since Michael’s birth.

Dr. Allorto’s caring nature made a lasting impression on the Ramirez family from the start. Michael was born at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus and Dr. Allorto visited him during her new baby rounds. “Watching her interact with Michael and care for him the way she did—it was beautiful,” said Ramirez. “I knew immediately we wanted Dr. Allorto to be our dedicated pediatrician, and I asked her right then.”

The immediate connection was mutual. “When I meet a newborn and their family for the first time there is instantly a relationship that begins,” said Dr. Allorto. “As the first doctor to touch their child there is a trust that is felt and builds with each encounter. This is important to every family, and as the pediatrician it is just as important to feel accepted by them as a trusted person in their lives.”  

The Ramirez family has depended on Dr. Allorto to provide compassionate care and expert guidance through all the stages. During Michael’s bouts with severe indigestion and vomiting as a baby, Dr. Allorto persisted in getting to the bottom of the problem and providing solutions. She’s also helped Michael and his family better manage his asthma and seasonal allergies. “Dr. Allorto is very communicative and hands-on all the time. She is always striving to find out what’s going on with Michael and giving us the answers we need to help him stay healthy.”

“Dr. Allorto has also been there for our family emotionally,” said Ramirez as she described a difficult custody battle when Michael was two years old and how Dr. Allorto’s support and recommendations helped them through. “She goes above and beyond to put her patients’ needs first, which shows what a compassionate person she is.” 

Just as important as physical health, children’s emotional health requires equal attention to help them thrive, emphasized Dr. Allorto. Throughout her career as a pediatrician, she has had a special interest in helping children and teens with common behavioral conditions such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum disorder. This often means attentive and empathetic listening to understand the challenges and helping everyone in the family get on the same page with strategies to enhance a child’s wellness and function. In other cases, it may mean connecting parents or teens with the right resources. Many times people don’t know where to turn when navigating the complexities of behavioral or emotional health concerns, Dr. Allorto said.  

For the Ramirez family, getting back to see Dr. Allorto this spring after a longer-than-normal stretch between visits, was a relief. “We hit some rough patches over the past year. With the pandemic and puberty hitting, it was a double whammy for us!” said Ramirez. “It was great to bring Michael back in, talk to Dr. Allorto and see the new practice. Bayhealth Pediatrics, Milford is a nice new office space and the staff is wonderful.”

Applying her years of experience and staying up to date on the latest research and information on pediatric and adolescent medicine and behavioral health enables Dr. Allorto to meet the individual needs of each patient and family. “It’s been wonderful to see Michael grow from an infant to a polite, well-adjusted young man,” Dr. Allorto said. “Taking the time to know the entire family and their situations has always been important to me. It allows me to be close to them on a personal level, which only enhances the care I am able to provide. To see a child progress, feel better and grow healthier is so gratifying—that’s what keeps me going every day.” 

Dr. Allorto is accepting new patients at Bayhealth Pediatrics, Milford. Visit to learn more about the practice or call 302-725-3550 to schedule an appointment.

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