Brian Hill
Bayhealth Foundation

Giving Back Mentality

“Ever since I was young, it has been like second-nature for me to give back to my community in some way,” said Bayhealth Plant Operations Electrician, Brian Hill. “It has been fulfilling to find ways to save money for the organization and show my support for the work being done here.” Hill has been working with the Bayhealth Foundation for years to bring in Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) grants for lighting savings and enhancements throughout Bayhealth facilities.

Providing energy savings for the organization is akin to bringing in more funds, since that money can be reallocated to other department’s needs. And Hill has not only focused on energy savings, but on upgrades as well. This benefits the Bayhealth providers and allows them to give the very best care when they have premium resources. Grant writing requires time, gather information, and expertise in the area of the request. Hill has dedicated all of this and more to the advantage of the organization, bringing in more than $25k of grant savings over the years with the support and guidance of the Bayhealth Foundation.

Hill has been with Bayhealth for more than eight years. Over that time, he has also found that it is easy to share his passion for the excellent work being accomplished in the Bayhealth organization. Hill has brought in several new sponsorships each year for the Foundation’s annual fundraising golf tournament. “I’ve been proactive about pulling in support because it’s important for me to give back more than I receive,” said Hill. “I make that a priority.”

“The Foundation is grateful for the loyal support and efforts from our very own, like Brian,” said Lindsay A. Rhodenbaugh, DMin, president of the Bayhealth Foundation. “Working together makes us stronger.”

Visit or call 302-744-7015 to contact the Bayhealth Foundation if you have any questions or would like to make a donation of your own.

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