Bayhealth Medical Staff Credo

Because we care... We are dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Therefore, we believe it is important to have a shared definition of “exceptional care.” Maintaining exceptional care means that we owe each other, our staff and our patients our best each and every day. Each of us will demonstrate respect and compassion for our patients, their families, physician colleagues and health care workers by communicating positively with them and about them.

While each of us has earned and wants credit for our clinical accomplishments, we recognize the value of being in an organization with other high achieving professionals. Fundamentally, we recognize that while we have reputations as individuals, we also share a collective reputation. Each of us is a leader within our sphere of influence and how we treat patients, colleagues, and staff will set the tone for how care is delivered. We can expect better from those around us only when we do better ourselves and lead by example.

We seek to create ideals that define the type of physician who works at Bayhealth. Most importantly, we seek to provide an atmosphere to help physicians flourish professionally and personally, and to create an organization that is defined by providing exceptional care to its patients, staff, and fellow physicians. To ensure a positive culture dedicated to exceptional patient care, we believe in the principles below.



  • Introduce myself to patients/families/visitors, colleagues. Knock prior to entering a patient’s room
  • Take any concern seriously and seek resolution or understanding
  • Refrain from loud talk and excessive noises — a quiet environment is important to heal, learn, and work
  • Discuss confidential matters in a private area and protect the integrity of clinical decision making
  • Express dissatisfaction through properly defined channels



  • Smile, make eye contact, greet others and speak in ways that are easily understood and show concern and interest
  • Recognize that body language and tone of voice are important parts of communication
  • Acknowledge, listen and respond to concerns of patients, families, visitors and colleagues
  • Remain calm when confronted with or responding to pressure situations



  • Excellence begins by placing patient care first. We will take personal responsibility for the patients under our care
  • Demonstrate the highest levels of ethical and professional conduct
  • Answer questions posed by patients, students or staff to ensure understanding and to facilitate learning
  • Continue to learn and seek new knowledge to enhance my skills and ability to serve
  • Recognize and encourage positive behaviors. Hold accountable those with negative behaviors
  • Promote interdepartmental cooperation
  • Address disagreements in a constructive, respectful manner away from patients or non-involved caregivers
  • Partner with Bayhealth to meet and exceed guidelines for national clinical and patient safety goals



  • Exceed patient’s expectations by treating them as though he or she is our only patient
  • Apologize and thank patients for waiting if we are running late
  • Encourage patient involvement in care and treatment decisions
  • Provide regular thoughtful communications with patients and their families regarding the patient’s condition and care
  • Respect patient privacy in all areas



  • Work to be leaders who are respected because of our actions
  • Thank and recognize those who allow us to do what we do
  • Educate rather than criticize



  • Recognize that every member of the Bayhealth team makes important contributions. Treat colleagues with dignity, respect, and compassion
  • Directly communicate with each other to enhance continuity and quality of patient care
  • Share positive views with patients to improve perceptions and experience.
  • Recognize that mutual trust and confidence in one another’s medical judgments are keys to overall success
  • Discuss issues privately with physicians with whom we might disagree
  • Make positive contributions to the medical staff by participating actively in medical staff functions
  • Maintain medical records consistent with our obligations

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