Intuity Valve Replacement

The cutting-edge Edwards Intuity Elite Valve System provides patients experiencing aortic valve stenosis with a less-invasive surgical option compared to traditional devices.

An Innovation in Heart Valve Replacement

Unlike other replacement valves, which can require as many as 15 sutures, the Edwards Intuity Elite Valve System only requires three reinforced sutures to guide and secure implantation inside the heart. This makes your valve replacement a quicker procedure with a much smaller incision in the chest.

What is Aortic Valve Stenosis?

One of the four valves of the heart, the aortic valve helps manage blood flow to the body. If the valve becomes damaged by age or disease, it could cause strain to the heart. The day-to-day effects of aortic stenosis include physical weakness, shortness of breath, and an inability to complete daily tasks. Depending on the severity of your stenosis, your Bayhealth medical expert may consider several surgical plans, including Intuity valve replacement.

Leaders in Heart Valve Surgery

Bayhealth was the first hospital in Delaware to adopt the Intuity valve system following the device’s approval by the FDA. Speak with a heart and vascular expert at Bayhealth to determine treatment options for your aortic valve stenosis.

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