Living with Neurological Conditions

People who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition are faced with unique challenges. Living with a chronic neurological condition can take a toll on you emotionally and psychologically as well. Our care teams understand the difficulties you may need to overcome based on your circumstances.

A sudden event like a stroke or traumatic brain injury can change your life in an instant. Bayhealth is here for you at every stage of your recovery.

Our specialists take a whole-person approach when caring for their patients. They’ll work with you to regain your strength and abilities and help you make adjustments to keep your body and mind healthy.

Our stroke clinics are designed to support you in making lifestyle changes to help prevent reoccurrence of stroke. And we know that connecting with people who share similar experiences is invaluable, so we also host stroke support groups at both campuses as another resource for patients and caregivers.

Bayhealth is committed to being a partner on your journey to better health and quality of life.

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