Special Care Nursery

Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus has a Level II Special Care Nursery (SCN) for infants needing more intensive, specialized care. Our specially trained neonatology team, including board-certified neonatologists, neonatal nurse practitioners, staff nurses and respiratory therapists, provide expert care to premature and newborns with more complex medical conditions. In our 15-bed SCN nursery, we provide specialized care including:

Breathing or feeding assistance

Many premature infants need time to fully develop lungs and digestive processes. Our Special Care Nursery and team of specialists can help with ventilation or special assistance with tube feeding or breastfeeding.

Total nutrition tube feeding

If your infant requires tube feeding for total nutrition, our team will use a tube for nutrition, passing breast milk or formula through a tube in the nose or mouth so it flows directly into the stomach. This method allows controlled nutrition to help strengthen and improve health.


A common treatment for jaundice or high levels of bilirubin is sometimes necessary for newborns. Sometimes the liver is not able to immediately process bilirubin or the breakdown of pigment released from red blood cells. Phototherapy is simply a process where fluorescent light is absorbed by a baby’s skin to help process the elimination of bilirubin.


Premature infants may experience lower body temperatures. Thermoregulation helps create a stable and individualized climate that is just right for your baby. This temperature controlled environment helps newborns better adjust to life outside the womb.

Ventilator care

Using a mechanical ventilator or breathing machine, our team at Bayhealth’s Special Care Nursery can provide breathing assistance for newborns that have not fully developed lung function. Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus also offers a Ronald McDonald Room for families with infants in the SCN. The Ronald Room is sponsored by the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware and Bayhealth. This area has a kitchenette, play area and sitting area that converts to provide short-term sleep accommodations. Bayhealth understands that families need special attention, too while your infant is healing and getting ready to transition home.


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