Innovative Options 

Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC)

For patients with atrial fibrillation (AFib), new hope is here at Bayhealth. We offer two new minimally invasive treatment options: left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) with the groundbreaking WATCHMAN FLX™ device and left-sided catheter ablations. 

The WATCHMAN is the only FDA-approved device proven to reduce stroke risk in patients with non-valvular AFib. Produced by Boston Scientific, it is the most studied and implanted LAAC device in the world. It is implanted through a standard percutaneous technique.  More than 90 percent of all stroke-causing clots coming from the heart form in the LAA. The new design of this next-generation technology ensures the best long-term outcomes. 

View the video below and download the clinical data and safety statistics to better understand how the WATCHMAN procedure can benefit your patients. 


If you have a patient with AFib who may be a candidate for the WATCHMAN, please refer them electronically though Epic to Bayhealth Interventional Cardiologist Manjeet Singh, DO, or call the WATCHMAN referral line today at 302-744-7684

Catheter Ablations

Depending on the patient’s circumstances, another non-surgical option is the left-sided catheter ablation. This can correct the arrhythmia and reduce stroke risk while allowing a patient to avoid the lifelong use of blood thinners. For catheter ablations, please refer patients to Bayhealth Electrophysiologist Raymond E. Miller, MD.

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