Bayhealth Thankful Grateful Employee Assistance Fund

Bayhealth Honors Drive and Commitment of Dedicated Employees

Friday, February 19, 2021 | Bayhealth Foundation

Bayhealth understands that a commitment to delivering quality care to the community requires cared-for people in the organization. The COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it presented only strengthened this drive.

While maintaining existing support initiatives throughout the pandemic, Bayhealth also assisted employees in many new ways. In the waning months of 2020 when financial strains from the pandemic were amplified by holiday expenses, Bayhealth leaders knew more could be done.

The “Thankful and Grateful Employee Assistance Fund” was launched in December to support driven and committed employees who were facing significant financial struggles. The Bayhealth Foundation and Human Resources department partnered on this initiative, which was made possible by generous donors.

Joyce Wilson, a nine-year member of the Food Services team at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus, received a gift card to a local grocer through the Thankful and Grateful Employee Assistance Fund. She was between homes and staying with a relative during this time. “I was able to catch up on some bills and help out the family I’m living with. Bayhealth doesn’t realize the impact their help has on many lives, not just mine,” she said with a tear in her eye. “I know my coworkers are thankful, too. In fact, I saw other Bayhealth employees coming out of the grocery store with full carts!”

In total, over $53,000 in gift cards to local grocers were dispersed among 213 employees who demonstrated need.

Bayhealth Foundation President Lindsay Rhodenbaugh was honored to assist employees in this way. “Our employees stepped up in big ways over the year despite all they were going through in their personal lives,” he said. “This was just a small token of our gratitude for their sacrifice that was made possible by the generosity of our donors.”

Visit or call 302-744-7015 to learn more about how donor funds impact the lives of employees and the community, as well as how you can take part.

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