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Hair Care Drive Inspired by Our Patients

Monday, May 10, 2021 | Bayhealth Foundation, Community Outreach

No one likes knotted or matted hair. But for some patients who require prolonged bed rest, they can find themselves dealing with “bed head.” With a desire and drive to make these patients more comfortable, Physical Therapist Assistant Sara Noll started a hair care drive.  
Since the coronavirus pandemic arose, Noll has spent a lot of time with patients who are coming off a ventilator. When she would go to awake them, she would notice their hair was matted. 
“There was one patient that touched my heart. She could barely hold her head up. So, when I would go to lift her up, I would see that her hair had knotted terribly but we didn’t have hair brushes,” she explained. “I would find a barber comb and use baby oil to get the knots out and whenever she would come in for therapy, I would braid her hair up away from her neck to avoid any tangling. She really appreciated it.” 
Those moments shared with her patient inspired Noll to start a hair accessory drive for patients. She created and distributed a pamphlet explaining her mission and received great response. 

The hair accessory drive lasted for four weeks and in that time, Noll collected 191 hair brushes, 73 detanglers, 124 combs, and countless other hair accessories for patients at the Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus. She appreciated the teamwork and collaboration across the units – Noll knew firsthand that it would better the patient experience at Bayhealth.  
“It seems so simple but for the patients it truly makes a difference because having matted and knotted hair can be painful,” expressed Noll. “When care partners visit their loved ones, they tend to forget these items assuming that we have them.”  

Noll is hoping to continue her efforts. Hair accessories have been added to Bayhealth’s AmazonSmile Charity List.  

“We started our AmazonSmile Charity List for instances just like this,” said Bayhealth Foundation President Lindsay Rhodenbaugh. “We are happy to support the excellent work that Sara has started and support her in her drive to give patients the best experience at our hospitals.”  

Anyone may choose from a pre-selected list of items to purchase as an in-kind donation to Bayhealth that may be tax deductible.  

Visit to shop and make an impact.  


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