Internal Medicine Resident Matthew Moorman, DO, and Emergency Physician Ellie Salinski, MD, at the Bayhealth GME Award Ceremony

Bayhealth's GME Program Holds First Annual Awards Ceremony and Appreciation Dinner

Monday, June 27, 2022 | Awards & Recognitions
Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of its residents—and those who have supported them—Bayhealth’s Graduate Medical Education (GME) program held its first annual awards ceremony and appreciation dinner on June 7 at Maple Dale Country Club.

Honorees were chosen by GME program directors, GME faculty or staff, or medical students—depending on the award. Several awards were given to well-deserving recipients.

The GME Institutional Citizen Award recognizes remarkable generosity and dedication in supporting GME at Bayhealth over a considerable amount of time, plus making a major impact on colleagues, educational programs and/or outcomes. Carl Popelas, PharmD, and Stephanie Green, MBA, received this award.

The Community Education and Media Outreach Award is given to residents who have represented their program at multiple community, media, and GME events. This award went to Kendall Barton, MD, and Nwando Tony-Ongugu, MD.

Matthew Moorman, DO, received the Resident as Teacher Award, which recognizes a resident who has shown a passion and talent for teaching and who has made meaningful contributions in this area.

The Outstanding Professional Award is given to residents who show professionalism in all they do—from teamwork to patient care to communication skills. This award went to Samantha Ginder, DO, and Michael Sabry Daniel, DO.

Judith Rippert, DO, received the Undergraduate Medical Education Teacher Recognition Award for her excellence in leadership and clinical teaching and for being a strong role model for the medical students in Bayhealth’s Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) program.

Ussama Ghumman, MD, received the Medical Education Research Award, which recognizes residents and faculty members who have completed a research project within the academic year.

Lastly, Resident Recognition, GME Teacher Recognition, and Outstanding Mentor Awards for both the Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Programs were given. Honorees included: Samantha Ginder, DO, and Amanda Nguyen, DO, who received the Resident Recognition Awards; Angela Debo, DO, and Alvaro Toledo Rivera, MD, who received the GME Teacher Recognition Awards; and M. Haneef Khawaja, MD, and Su Chafin, LPCMH, who received the Outstanding Mentor Awards.

Congratulations to all the award nominees and winners. Visit to learn more about Bayhealth’s residency programs.

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