DAISY Award Winner Jordan McCusker

McCusker’s Compassion Earns Her a DAISY Award

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 | Awards & Recognitions

When facing a health crisis, you want and expect to receive the best possible care. Bayhealth Neuro ICU Nurse Jordan McCusker, RN, is not only dedicated to providing this type of care to her patients but to comforting them and their families. This dedication earned McCusker a DAISY Award—which honors nurses for the compassionate care they provide.


“I cannot say enough about this young lady who does her job with a big smile (yes, you could see it in her eyes, even with the mask on) and does it well,” wrote the niece of a patient McCusker cared for last summer, as she expressed why she thought McCusker should receive the DAISY Award.


“She asked questions to try to learn as much as she could about my aunt so she could better assist her and make her comfortable. Her proactivity, combined with the utmost compassion for my aunt, as well as for me and my sister, was something I will never forget,” she continued to write in her nomination for McCusker.


“She always seemed to be there on some of the darkest days, which was such a relief to me, because I knew no matter what the day held, my aunt was in good hands. I was always so grateful to see Jordan’s sunny smile and feel her warmth cut through the pain I was feeling. Thank you, Jordan. Your work is very much appreciated, especially when you do it with such professionalism and compassion,” her nominator concluded.


McCusker, who joined Bayhealth’s Neuro ICU team almost three years ago as a nurse graduate, says she’ll never forget the patient, her family, or the situation either. “Unfortunately, it was during the height of COVID and only one visitor was allowed. With the goal of continuity of care, I had taken care of this patient for multiple weeks, built a strong relationship with the family, and knew her history well,” she recalled.


“Due to her condition, [the patient] was unable to make decisions for herself and her niece had to take on that responsibility. Despite the challenging times, she rarely broke down, but with me she did. Easing the pain for someone and being their shoulder to cry on or a warm smile to brighten their day will always be a goal of mine,” McCusker continued. “It feels good to know that I made such an impact on a family that made one on me. I have only ever wanted to be a great nurse and this award means everything to me so early in my career.”


The DAISY Award is given by the DAISY Foundation, which was formed in 2000 by the family of J. Patrick Barnes. The Barnes family wanted to recognize the nurses who cared for Patrick and all the other “unsung heroes” of the nursing profession.


DAISY Award honorees are chosen by nurses, administrators, peers, physicians, volunteers, patients, and family. If you know a Bayhealth nurse who deserves to be nominated, visit Bayhealth.org/DAISY and fill out the nomination form.

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