CNA Stephen Campbell

Campbell Earns Sunshine Award

Thursday, April 13, 2023 | Awards & Recognitions
Bayhealth Certified Nursing Assistant Stephen Campbell goes above and beyond in his duties on the Clinical Decision Unit. His unwavering dedication to each patient is why he was chosen as Bayhealth’s latest recipient of the Sunshine Award.

Campbell has consistently proven that he can be counted on in high-stress situations, especially while working the overnight shift.

When he noticed that a patient had low blood pressure, he immediately notified the primary RN and assisted with several tasks to help stabilize the patient. He also displayed a kind and caring disposition at the bedside, making the patient feel comforted and supported during this difficult time.

On another occasion, Campbell quickly set up an echocardiogram when he noticed a patient was experiencing chest pain. His preparedness and knowledge allowed the patient to receive immediate care.

His teamwork and kindness are not isolated events, according to the coworker who nominated him for the Sunshine Award.

“He is always available to assist when help is in need,” the coworker said. “He is a vital member of the CDU team and deserves to be awarded for the quality and compassionate care he serves to our community.”

The Sunshine Award recognizes Bayhealth's extraordinary nursing assistants and techs. This nationwide program originated at Guthrie County Hospital as an extension of the DAISY Award—as daisies need sunshine to grow.

Visit /Sunshine-Award to nominate a deserving nursing assistant or tech.

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