Bayhealth’s Family Medicine Resident Mackenzie Bredbenner, MD

Dr. Bredbenner Receives 2024 AAFP Foundation Family Medicine Leader Emerging Leader Institute Scholarship

Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | Awards & Recognitions
Bayhealth’s Family Medicine Resident Mackenzie Bredbenner, MD, has been awarded the 2024 American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Foundation Family Medicine Leader (FM Leads) Emerging Leader Institute Scholarship.

By participating in the FM Leads Emerging Leader Institute, Dr. Bredbenner will have the opportunity to connect with other physicians, students, and residents across the country.

“Through my time at Bayhealth, I've learned that true leadership isn't about authority, but about embracing a problem-solving mindset and delving into the root causes of issues,” Dr. Bredbenner stated.

Although she was initially hesitant to apply for the scholarship, her residency family encouraged her to put her best foot forward and apply. “I am thankful for my program director Dr. Vasagar, and my advisor Dr. Bchech for instilling in me the confidence to apply for this scholarship,” said Dr. Bredbenner.

“With this opportunity, I'll gain access to invaluable training that will further hone my leadership abilities and promote family medicine as a unifying force across specialties, advocating for a holistic approach to patient care,” continued Dr. Bredbenner.

Dr. Bredbenner is committed to advancing the specialty of Family Medicine and invoking positive changes within her community through leadership development.

“Through research, development, and implementation, I aspire to make a tangible difference in Delaware, ultimately contributing to a healthier community,” said Dr. Bredbenner.

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