Medical Staff Services Team

Gary M. Siegelman, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Sr. VP
Phone: 302-744-6274
Executive Assistant: Margaret Kinney
Phone: 302-744-6274

John J. Fink, MD
Vice President for Quality and Medical Staff
Phone: 302-744-7414
Executive Assistant: Lisa Smith
Phone: 302-744-7039

Michele R. Campbell, CPCS
Manager, Medical Staff Services
Phone: 302-744-7482
Fax: 302-310-8857
Responsible for Reappointments for Physicians and APCs at both campuses (Kent and Sussex)

Stacy L. Morgan
Credentialing Specialist
Phone: 302-430-5614
Fax: 302-310-8860
Responsible for Initial Credentialing for Physicians and APCs at both campuses

Leslie S. Passwaters
Medical Staff Assistant
Phone: 302-430-5043
Fax: 302-430-5490
Responsible for verification of privileges, expired licenses, malpractice insurance, etc., and department and committee meeting minutes (Kent and Sussex)

Michelle Neubauer
Medical Staff Assistant
Phone: 302-744-6766
Fax: 302-310-8857
Responsible for assisting Credentialing Manager and Credentialing Specialist, Kent Campus on-call schedules and assisting with reappointments

Ashley M. Hill
Medical Staff Assistant
Phone: 302-430-5461
Fax: 302-430-5490
Assisting with initial appointments, sends out applications, reviews applications prior to sending to Credentialing Specialist to begin processing, and training plans.

Chris Foard, MSN, RN
Physician Liaison
Phone: 302-430-5590
Fax: 302-430-5490
Responsible for Medical Staff orientation at the Sussex Campus

Cassandra Humphrey Jenkins
Physician Liaison
Phone: 302-744-7653
Fax: 302-735-3227
Responsible for Medical Staff orientation at the Kent Campus

Nadine Pieniaszek, MLS
Phone: 302-744-7421
Fax: 302-744-7460
Responsible for continuing medical education at both campuses (Kent and Sussex)

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