Medical Staff Wellness

Why is Medical Staff Wellness Important?

At Bayhealth, we’re not just here for our patients, we’re here for you—our Medical Staff on the front line of care. Burnout among physicians and other clinicians has become a national epidemic. Recent studies show between 40 to 50 percent of U.S. physicians report at least one symptom of burnout, including feelings of exhaustion and ineffectiveness at work, or distancing themselves from others. It commonly leads to career dissatisfaction, higher turnover, problems in physicians’ personal lives, and at its worst—medical errors and suicide.

Our Commitment to You

Issues of burnout hit home here at Bayhealth too. That’s why our leadership has committed to tackling this head on by investing in a Bayhealth Medical Staff Wellness Program, spearheaded by Bayhealth Chief Wellness Officer and Radiologist Thomas Vaughan, MD. During his 25-plus-year career here, he’s seen firsthand the effects of burnout. Dr. Vaughan and his team members, including the Physician Medical Staff Well Being Advocates, are committed to enhancing a culture of resiliency and professional fulfillment among our Medical Staff.

Medical Staff Wellness Stanford ModelBayhealth is proud to introduce this new program which incorporates best practices being used among healthcare systems around the nation, including Stanford Medicine’s WellMD program, leading the way internationally in the development of clinician wellness initiatives. Our program is focused on three pillars –efficiency of practice, creating a culture of wellness at Bayhealth, and personal resilience. Explore the resources available to you through this program.

Your Feedback is Critical

Hearing directly from our Medical Staff will help us shape this program so that it is meaningful to you. We look forward to your partnership and your ideas. Please contact Dr. Vaughan at to learn more about the program, or be a part of the team driving this positive change at Bayhealth.


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