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The demands of working in medicine are intense. And with such high stakes and ever expanding expectations, it sometimes seems the workload and stress never ends. Dealing with all this in our jobs, on top of the many responsibilities in our home lives, we all could use some help. Who wouldn’t love a free service that works for us?

VITAL WorkLife is an online resource for Medical Staff with an easy-to-use mobile app. You can receive free peer coaching and counseling services. You can get assistance with financial or legal services. And there’s a WorkLife Concierge service to handle anything you can delegate— from personal shopping and grocery delivery to researching daycare providers or contractors for home projects. It’s all completely confidential and available to all Bayhealth physicians and their families.

VITAL WorkLife is an established consulting company with an expert network of specialists geared to strengthening behavioral health among healthcare organizations. Their programs are designed specifically with your needs in mind. Physician-focused insight and materials on an array of topics are at your fingertips through their website and app. You’ll want to try out the many services to see how they can save time and hassle for you, and help you find joy and balance at work and at home.

To get started, download the VITAL WorkLife Mobile App from the App Store and Google Play. For login credentials, contact Michele Campbell at or Toni Bristlin, Bayhealth's VITAL WorkLife account manager, at

For more information about physician wellness resources, please contact Dr. Vaughan at

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