Well-being Advocates

Feeling supported is an important motivator in any wellness journey. Clinicians should know that so many peers in their field experience similar stressors, frustrations and challenges in their daily work and in trying to maintain balance with their personal lives. Establishing peer connections is one reason why Bayhealth has designated the organization’s own Well-being Advocates.

Family Medicine Physician Lisa Reid, MD, and Medical Director of Emergency Services Kelly Abbrescia, DO, are passionate about their roles as Well-being Advocates for the Bayhealth Medical Staff. They have faced the struggles that are common among clinicians. They are in your corner, advocating for the interests of you and your fellow medical staff members. The Well-being Advocates are also part of a broader support system that exists. They can help guide you to resources to meet your needs, personally and professionally.

Get to Know Lisa Reid, MD

In her almost 20-year tenure at Bayhealth, Dr. Reid started with Occupational Health and has practiced in Dover with Bayhealth Medical Group since 2014. She’s glad a wellness program now exists and looks forward to helping her fellow physicians see the tremendous value of what it offers.

“As a female physician with four kids, I have learned over the years how important it is to care for yourself. It has always been a struggle to juggle everything—my husband works, no family lives nearby, and I always wished there was help,” said Dr. Reid. “Finally, organizations are doing something to help physicians and it is so exciting. If I can now help others not face the same struggles, then I am doing some good for future generations. Healthier physicians mean a healthier organization and healthier patients.”

Get to Know Kelly Abbrescia, DO

Dr. Abbrescia is now in her 17th year at Bayhealth. Having spent the majority of her career in the fast-paced world of emergency medicine, she understands how stress can take a toll on physicians. She serves as the medical director of emergency services at Bayhealth.

“After learning about the wellness program and the advocate role, I knew immediately I would love the opportunity to engage our medical staff in such a worthwhile program,” Dr. Abbrescia said. “I really believe in this program and was so excited that Bayhealth decided to partner with VITAL Worklife. There are so many options available to help us with some of the common issues we face as healthcare professionals.”

Interested in supporting your peers?

The Bayhealth Medical Staff Wellness Program invites members of the Medical Staff to join the team as a Well-being Advocates. For more information, please email Dr. Vaughan at Thomas_Vaughan@Bayhealth.org.

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