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The Quitline Pipeline to a Better Life

Addiction within any space is harmful and has the possibility to permanently damage one’s life. Cigarette smoking is just one of the many pathways into addiction, disease and possibly death. This is why William (Ted) Welch decided to turn to the Delaware Quitline for support in his journey.

Welch had smoked for over 50 years; he began when he was only 14. Since he has stopped smoking, he has found that his day-to-day life has improved in many ways.

“I’ve noticed that I have more energy, I can breathe better, and I sleep sound. I also have found that I don’t spend as much money,” said Welch.

Welch enjoys caring for his flowers and taking in the fresh air. He tends to worry less about his health now. “I have relief knowing that I won’t have to wake up to coughing anymore – almost like choking. I think the coughing and gagging was because of the nicotine; now, I don’t have that problem,” continued Welch.

The Delaware Quitline has become a source of support for Welch as he navigated this new time in his life. “Elizabeth Hurley was my respiratory therapist at Bayhealth and she talked to me after my stroke and told me about the Delaware Quitline. It made me realize that I didn’t want to die or leave my wife so right then and there, I decided to quit and call the number she had given me,” said Welch.

When Welch returned home from the hospital, he noticed his dislike for the smell of cigarette smoke. He decided to quit cold turkey rather than using nicotine patches.

In an effort to support her husband, Welch’s wife also decided to quit smoking. “With the support from my family, I have not gone back to smoking. I don’t think I could have quit without the support,” Welch said.

Thinking about quitting smoking but do not know where to start? Visit to learn more about how Bayhealth can support you and visit to learn more about coaching services through the Delaware Quitline.

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