Pediatric Speech Therapy

One area of focus in Speech Pathology includes the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language delays and disorders. The child and caregiver learn about age appropriate speech and language skills and strategies to encourage the understanding and use of communication. Services are provided at the Dover location by therapists who have a clinical background in pediatric speech pathology.

Why Bayhealth?

Bayhealth Speech Pathology Services can offer consistency of care. In most cases, your child will be evaluated by the same therapist who will be following through with treatment.

Education will be provided on speech and language developmental milestones, stimulation techniques, and preventative and maintenance strategies. This offers service excellence while developing a caring relationship between the child, therapist, and the family.

Our Services

  • Pediatric Language Evaluations & Treatment
  • Pediatric Speech/Articulation Evaluations & Treatment
  • Pediatric Videofluoroscopic Swallow Evaluations
  • NICU Evaluations & Treatment
  • Oral-Motor & Feeding Programs
  • Caregiver Training

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