Ostomy Care

If you or a loved one needs an ostomy – a surgically created opening in the abdomen that diverts waste while the body heals – you may have many questions or concerns about what to expect. We are here to help you by providing specialized ostomy management and education.

An ostomy may be the result of a life-saving procedure. While different from a wound, it also requires special care. Our medical professionals have advanced training and certifications for wound, ostomy and continence disorders. Among our team are staff who specialize in ostomy management and work with patients each step of the way.

Pre- and Post-surgical Care

We will help you prepare for and understand your stoma and continue to live your fullest life, as you did before your colostomy or other ostomy surgery. This may include the following services:

  • Ostomy site marking prior to surgery
  • Assessing and treating complications, such as skin irritation, ulcerations or peristomal hernia
  • Appliance fitting and adjustments
  • Education on stoma care, pouch systems, and diet and lifestyle changes

Bayhealth also has an Ostomy Support Group, in affiliation with the United Ostomy Association of America. This offers a safe space—through in-person or virtual meeting options—for those who’ve had or will have a colostomy surgery and their care partners to gain information and support one another in shared experiences. It’s facilitated by a licensed clinician who can provide education and ensure all your questions are answered.

Contact the Wound Care Center

Speak to your doctor to see if our ostomy care services can benefit you. 

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