Weighted Animals are used a Bayhealth to help mother who have lost their babies

One Mom’s Mission to Help Other Parents Cope With Loss

Thursday, June 3, 2021 | Women's & Children's
Katy Towery knows the pain of pregnancy and infant loss—her son Greyson was stillborn. In memory of Greyson, Towery is passionate about helping other mothers who are coping with pregnancy or infant loss. That’s why she donated a CuddleCot to Bayhealth and is now making and donating weighted stuffed animals. Weighted to mimic the average newborn, the animals provide much needed comfort for the mothers after their loss. Holding and carrying the animals means their arms aren’t empty. 
“Since I know how much the animals can help I don’t want anyone who has to go through a loss to leave the hospital without one,” explained Towery. “That’s why I started making and donating the animals.” 
Towery makes the weighted stuffed animals by purchasing them, un-stuffing them, weighting them with rice, and re-stuffing them. She also swaddles the animals with a blanket, and includes a book of devotions with each one. Towery makes a variety of types of animals. “They include bears, giraffes, raccoons, elephants, and even unicorns,” she explained. 
Each month, Towery drops these gifts off to Bayhealth Hospital, Kent and Sussex Campuses and provides whatever number are needed or requested at the time. 
“Bayhealth is truly blessed by Katy and her family. These gifts are beautifully made with love and in honor of Greyson. When we place one of these weighted animals in a mother’s arms, her face lights up! She’s very touched by the kindness and compassion shown by one mother to another mother,” said Bayhealth Pregnancy and Infant Loss Bereavement Coordinator Beth Lucas, BSN, RNC-MNN. 
Towery said making the weighted animals is therapeutic for her and some of her family members also help her as needed. “For example, my 13-year-old niece and my 7-year-old daughter do some of the un-stuffing and stuffing, all of the sewing is done by my stepmom, and my mom also helps me.” 
If you’d like to make a donation to support Bayhealth’s pregnancy and infant bereavement services, visit Bayhealth.org/Donate and select “Pregnancy Infant Loss Donations” from the designation list or call 302-744-7015. 

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